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Rob Hourmont

It's not about No Pain No Gain — It’s about Less but Right is More.
Chilling at a Waterfall in Bali after a long Jungle TrekRob Hourmont

And that’s precisely what I practice for my own fitness and teach my clients.

Working out should be fun, interesting, varying, effective, and not time consuming or grueling.

Your past is your past, and what you didn’t succeed at with your fitness goals then, doesn’t matter now. Never be discouraged or give up!

Your main problem likely was you were being coached incorrectly by a personal trainer or friends you may have followed, who you thought knew their stuff.

I did that too in my early days!

I’m not being arrogant or self-absorbed, but with over 40 years of athletic and training experience (as a former Olympic Skier), I only managed to discover the “real healthy workout methods” about 4 years ago — it changed and saved my life!

Once I understood, I tested the methods on myself, and developed a super healthy, efficient and effective program, that works for everyone from kids to older adults.

The Problems.

You may have failed reaching your goals in the past but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Most people I meet and speak with struggle with a lack of knowledge, are frustrated and simply believe working out isn’t for them.

Accountability also plays a big role, which is where I come in as their motivator and “shepherd.” I push my clients to complete their program, gently, nicely, yet firmly, building their determination and will-power along the way.

I don’t just “crack a whip” and say, “come on, don’t be weak, don’t give up.” No, I make it fun and enjoyable instead. As it should be!

I work side by side with every single client, in person or online.

I perform the exercises with them, spurring them on with motivational speak and jokes, and they love it!

My methods always elevate every client’s fitness levels and improve their physique, either for weight loss or muscle gain.

More importantly, I help them build their self-confidence and self-esteem.

To the point they realize they can do anything; any kind of exercise, sport or activity, no matter their age.

They reach new heights in their life, which they never expected. And that’s a wonderfully liberating sensation for every person I teach my methods.

Everyone has their up and down days, but with the right guidance, a solid, fun and easy to execute fitness plan in place, accompanied by a “clean-eating meal plan”, you’re guaranteed to get into the best shape of your life, both physically and mentally.

Above all, you’ll be healthy from within, which will reflect on your external appearance and a glowing new you!

I specialize in:

• Weigh Loss

• Building Lean Muscle

• Fat Burning

• Bodyweight Strength Training

• Sprint Training

• Fun Cardio Methods

• Yoga Poses

• Mobility

• Nutrition

• Wellness Practices

• Motivation

If you wish to learn more, I’m here to help. Send me a message through any channel you choose, and check out my brand-new E-Book.

Have a great Day.


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