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Meet Koh Kong Sausage, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Koh Kong Meat ShopRob Hourmont

I know organice produce can be hard to find and or expensive in most countries — the No 1 complaint and turn-off I hear from people around the word.

“It’s too expensive, I can’t afford it and I doubt it makes that much of a difference.”

The good news is, it does make a difference to your health. Organic foods can be found at reasonable prices, mostly at Farmers Markets, in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

Non-Organic meats and produce mostly contain pesticides, growth hormones and antibiotics, which are fed and administered to the animals and sprayed on the vegetables.

None of these are beneficial for human consumption and health. These chemicals are used to grow bigger animals, faster, yielding more profit.

“Modern production of foods incorporates a wide range of synthetic chemicals,” says Jeff Gillman, PhD, associate professor of horticulture at the University of Minnesota and author of The Truth About Organic Gardening.

Natural Organic Foods.

I unexpectedly found a few gems of little shops in Cambodia, the main one being “Koh King Sausage Co.”
Sausages & Fermented PicklesRob Hourmont

Wherever I travel to I immediately go on a quest to find healthy organic shops or markets.

To my complete surprise, I stumbled over the Koh King Sausage Company in Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh.

What a wonderful and helpful surprise this was!

This is how Hoh Kong Sausage was created:

The owners, Pawel and Kasia from Poland , moved to Pak Khlong, close to Koh Kong some 2 years ago and started a restaurant on the beach.

Their idea was to fuse Khmer and European cuisine. Soon into this new venture, Paweł built a smokehouse and started experimenting smoking various meats based on traditional Polish methods.

Their success was immediate in their restaurant. Soon they saw the demand rise and opened a shop in Khemarak Phoumin-the city of Koh Kong — called Koh Kong Sausage.

Soon they started shipping their smoked bacon, sausages all over Cambodia, with most of the orders going to the capital, Phnom Penh.

The logical re-location to Phnom Penh followed within a few months. Now they own and operate a wonderful boutique shop in the heart of Phnom Penh.

Pavel and Kasia have hand selected some of Cambodia’s best small-scale farmers who raise their free-roaming animals 100% naturally following organic standards.

This means that these animals enjoy a good life, are treated well, and eat natural foods from the ground that they’re meant to eat.

The icing on the cake? Their pricing is very affordable, for pretty much anyone.

In Summary.

I made a small effort, I googled, I drove out of my way a bit, but I found something special for my efforts.

A professional organic supplier of natural meats and more. They make great smoked cheeses too — and they make their products from their heart with passion and your health in mind!

Their selection meats include, fresh cuts of:

Ground Beef

Beef Tenderloin

Chicken, minced or breast

Pork Chops


Bacon (the best I’ve found in Cambodia).


Cheese and Bacon SelectionRob Hourmont

They have a range of around 20 different types and flavors of smoked sausages, from British Breakfast, to Bratwurst, Chorizo and much more.
Smoked SausagesRob Hourmont

Please enjoy the photos, but even better, pay Koh Kong Sausage a visit when you’re in Cambodia. If you happen to live here and are reading this, go there tomorrow! You can thank me later!
Koh Kong Sausage LogoRob Hourmont

Make a little effort, look around your neighborhood or drive a bit out of your way to find healthy organic meats and produce — you will be glad you did, and your health will thank you.

You will then support the local farmers, shops, the environment and above all, your health!


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