Good Relationships, Trust and Honesty

Rob Hourmont

Distrust, dishonesty, and jealousy are relationship destroyers.
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I’ve had a few relationships in my time, primarily two. One long-term marriage of 18 years, which was good until it wasn’t during the last 2 years, and we finally divorced.

Next, I had a short-term relationship, which I committed to far too quickly, resulting in it ending as quickly as it started, 3 months later.

I'm now considering entering into a new relationship, and I moved to another country to do so. I believe that taking the leap and moving to a new country to commit to this relationship shows trust on my side.

Why would I otherwise go if I didn’t have confidence and trust in relationship?

It’s all about getting to know each other, learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and figuring out how to best create an amicable trustworthy, and honest relationship that will last. That requires hard work, commitment, patience, and, of course, love.

However, it’s undoubtedly worth the effort.

Trust & Honesty.

Trust and honesty are the core building blocks of any relationship, whether intimate or not.

If there’s no trust and instead lies, how will the relationship ever work, let alone flourish? Then, if you add jealousy to the mix, you’re in trouble.

Once upon a time, I was a very jealous young man, and I distrusted every any woman I met. At age 52, I’m not at all jealous, if anything, I give my trust away too easily.

Is that bad? I believe it’s vital to give the benefit of the doubt and trust; otherwise the relationship is doomed from the onset.

Is it a risk? Yes, but you must follow your heart and your gut.


We all carry baggage that's made us who we are today, for better or worse. Sadly, it’s often for worse.

Relationship experiences can negatively influence you, which is hard to shake, no matter what age or how much experience you have.

However, you always must try and do your very best to make things work. And it all starts with trust and honesty.

Summing it Up.

  • Be kind to your partner
  • Be positive
  • Be helpful
  • Be tolerant
  • Don’t have high expectations
  • Give as much as you can
  • Be calm
  • Communicate positively
  • Don’t demand
  • Forgive
  • Be happy
  • Show your love
  • Be passionate
  • Love your better half more than yourself!

Let's work on better relationship.


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