Relocating To An Unknown Country Is a Big Risk But Can Be a Blast If You Are Lucky

Rob Hourmont

And that’s why I don’t give up and keep searching for my paradise.
The Nomad LifeRob Hourmont

I’ve lived in many countries and have moved around a lot.

I moved from the UK to Austria with my family when I was only 7 years old.

That was a great relocation, and I got lucky!

I stayed in Austria until I was 30. I built a few successful businesses, had a lovely home and lifestyle, and became a professional Olympic skier.

Next, I briefly moved back to the UK and then to France, where my 2 kids were respectively born. In general, we had a great time here too.

Things were getting better and better for me in business, financially, and my happiness.

My next stage in life was moving to the USA for my now ex-wife to work again.

I guess I had it too good for too long and didn’t respect what I had. I took everything for granted, and yes, I admit, I was arrogant and rude.

I’m sure now that the latter part — arrogant and rude — played a significant role in how the following years of my life played out and why my adventures to live in new countries didn’t.

Once in the USA, I didn’t have work and ended up looking after my young kids full-time, so my wife could follow her dream.

That period resulted in me becoming disillusioned with my life, achievements and severely depressed.

I couldn’t find a way out of the mess I got myself in. The depression became worse. I had to take action.

The result was divorce and me leaving the USA to set up shop and a new beginning in Bali.

Had my luck turned when landing in Bali?

The first answer is a clear yes. I managed to change my life and profession entirely and found my passion in health coaching and writing.

Thankfully, 4 years after that touchdown, I’ve kept my passion alive and growing, my writing is flourishing, as is my health.

From that perspective, I was fortunate, as my life and career could have gone completely down the toilet.

Yet, the downside was I didn’t manage to get lucky in both a new business venture (which I should never have touched, but more on that in another story), and a personal relationship.

Both went badly, causing severe financial damage, massive stress, disappointment, and anger.

It took a lot of time and hard work to get my head around it all and, above all, to get myself back on track and into a healthy and positive mindset.

The damage those two situations did to my mental health was immense, and the ongoing stress in dealing with them didn’t stop.

Once again, I decided it was time to go on a new adventure, seek peace, happiness, a new beginning, success, and solid mental health again.

In other words, to be free, be me, and live again.

At the moment, I’m traveling and visiting various countries in South East Asia with an open mind, a duffel bag, my laptop, and my phone.

It’s wonderful to finally be out of the clutches of a negative past and free like a bird.

My focus now is on me, my work, happiness, health, and wellbeing, only!


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