Taking A Walk On The Wild Side in Unique and Beautiful Ubud — Bali

Rob Hourmont

And why I’ve re-discovered Ubud to be the best place to live in Bali.

Ubud - BaliRob Hourmont

I don’t know why I didn’t come back to Ubud sooner. Well, I do, I was busy with life, or should I say wasting my time with the wrong people in the wrong places?! My mistake.

Better late than never, right? I finally took a day trip back to Ubud to explore and take a walk on the wild side! My wild side isn’t quite like the Lou Reed song; it’s a more healthy version.

I’m enjoying the stunning views, fresh country air, and walking along a wonderful uphill trail in the wild jungle. Exercising and finding peace.

I have to admit; I’m doing this for my health and to recover from a somewhat unhealthy turn of the year. Once again, I met a couple of seemingly decent people, which turned out to be, not so nice!

Too much wine, not enough sleep -Monday arrived with a banging headache and a tired body and mind.

Time to run to nature! So I did.

Ubud — let’s go to Ubud.

Off I rode and checked into a quiet little guest house. I’m at the famous Ubud Ridge Walk an hour later, which twists and turns through the jungle up to stunning rice fields. As soon I arrived and started walking, the pressure and stress surrounding me evaporated, and I felt at ease again.

As I was walking in the wild, it dawned on me. Why don’t I live here? This is my dream place, in the jungle with endless walks and incredible scenery which relaxes the mind. A whole lot nicer than the south and the hot beaches!

During my walks, I often get inspired to do better in my life and change things around me. I find it takes time to figure out if you are truly happy in your current surroundings — that especially applies if you live alone in a foreign country. My life is a never-ending evolving learning curve, it seems. And that’s just fine with me. Live, learn and improve.

It’s not easy, and you can misguide yourself into believing you’re fine when you’re not.

That’s precisely what happened to me during the Holiday season. I thought I was set where I was, doing fine, but then I realized, nah, not happy — time to move on in search of my sanctuary for peace of mind and health.

  • Ubud has it all; it’s truly magnificent.
  • Amazing ancient temples are everywhere.
  • There is an abundance of fabulous cafes, bars, and restaurants.
  • Nature is within a stone’s throw despite Ubud being a city.
  • There are many high-end shops and supermarkets and great local stores selling their farmed produce.
  • You can find beautiful pool restaurant clubs tucked away in corners of the jungle and absolute peace if you walk up north towards the volcanos.
  • There are amazing waterfalls that you can swim at.
  • Rivers and white-water rafting.
  • Fantastic walking and trekking trails in the jungle and along the rivers.
  • Last but definitely not least, the folks living and visiting Ubud are health-oriented and lovely.

In Summary.

Bali offers endless amazing spots in the south with bustling beaches and party people.

Yet I find Bali’s inland and mountains, the less crowded north far more interesting, beautiful, and inspiring.

For each his own, of course. But I’ve re-discovered Ubud, and a day trip has me thinking I’ll move here to optimize my health, writing productivity, and well-being.

I’ve got better plans up my sleeve for my life journey. Soon to be revealed.

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