More Dogs Missing in Bali of Late

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I am reading reports on Instagram of many missing dogs.
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I've been reading Instagram posts by foreigners in Bali saying that their friends' dogs are missing or have been taken. This is sad news to an ongoing problem in society here.

The Indonesian and Balinese local governments have banned dog meat consumption, let alone stealing and killing, but it's still happening. And that's down to culture.

The dog trade is a long-term cultural issue in most of Asia and a difficult one to solve. For centuries, dogs have been consumed in some Asian countries, officially and illegally. Many charities and individuals are doing their absolute best to stop this, however, it's hard to do, as other cultures value dogs less and see them as their next (free) dinner.

In addition, many or most dogs are allowed to roam free in their neighborhoods by their owners, as people in Bali want their dogs to love a "free" life. However, in Eastern cultures, if owners allow their precious dogs to roam the streets, they can't complain if they get taken.

Exp-pats living in Bali or other Asian countries where the dog trade is alive must take responsibility, be vigilant, and protect their animals from harm. Posting on social media after it's happened and advising friends to keep their pets on a leash, in the house, or in an enclosed area doesn't help. That's simply down to common sense, intelligence and integrity.

Too many ex-pats in Bali live a sort of "hippie life" where they believe they are free to do whatever they want and however they want. Well, that's true to an extent in Bali, as you can live a much freer lifestyle here and even walk around pretty much naked, but if you want animals, protect them and don't complain about the culture of Bali.

These folks live in a foreign country and must respect their culture; however, that may be or leave.

Trying to enforce western belief systems will not work well anywhere in Asia.

Adapt, be careful, kind, and responsible.


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