Ubud Takes the Lead as Bali's Best Place to Live

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A unique city situated in the middle of Bali's hills and jungle. 

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While the hit move Eat, Sleep, Pray elevated Ubud's fame, Ubud has always been a special place in Bali. Bali has many Royal families, and the most significant Kings hail from the Ubud area. Ubud is a spiritual and holy place and a sanctuary for thousands of ex-pats who have moved there to improve their quality of life in peace and harmony with Bali's gods and yoga. 

Ubud was recently voted the 4th best city to live globally by Travel & Leasure. That came as a surprise even to me, so I decided to re-visit and explore Ubud again. I lived in Ubud 4 years ago and always enjoyed its chilled vibe. 

Despite being empty of tourists at this time, there's always plenty to do and see. There are endless gorgeous temples and buildings to see, lovely shopping streets, bars and restaurants, the monkey forest, rivers, waterfalls, and volcanos within a 20-minute drive, and much more. 

In short, Ubud is a city in the middle of the jungle that offers endless activities, culinary experiences, some of the best resorts worldwide, spirituality, meditation, and peace and calm. Another big plus is that Ubud isn't as hot as the south of Bali. 

On the downside, it rains a lot throughout the year, but particularly during the rainy season. However, if prepared, that's a small problem in the scope of things. 

You can reach the beautiful beaches of Bali in the south East within 45 minutes, for a swim and seafood, and be back home for dinner in no time. 

Ubud is, without a doubt, a vacation from the standard vacation, and a wonderful place to live. Once settled there, you feel a unique sense of calm overcome you, relaxing and freeing your body and mind.

It's well worth the drive to experience this fantastic Balinese city. 


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