Bali's Cat and Dog Rescue Charities Are Working Hard to Curb The Problem

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Bali's long and ongoing struggle with stray cats and dogs.
Bali Beach DogsRob Hourmont

It's known that Bali has a problem with the thousands of stray cats and dogs populating the island. At the same time, several agencies and countless individuals are working tirelessly to help, rescue, and heal as many animals as they can. 

Both locals and foreigners living on the island are seen walking the beaches with ten or more dogs, doing all they can to take in as many as they can manage to accommodate, feed, and walk. These folks are courageous to do this, as supporting so many pets isn't an easy or cheap feat. The opposite is the case - it's expensive and logistically challenging, but they do this from their hearts and with passion and love to save and provide a good life to these rescue dogs. 

At the same time, you can spot locals and foreigners walking the beach with their pricey thorough breed animals, which are either imported from the west or bread in Bali and Java. Considering the rescue dog situation, importing or purchasing pets makes no sense and does not solve the overall problem. 

However, as in the west, people love their animals, and that's why they sometimes choose to buy rather than adopt a not so pretty rescue dog. Of course, as everywhere else, people are free to make their choices. 

1. Mission Pawsible

This small animal rescue team has founded a healing center where dogs are treated and can recover from their trauma and illness in a calm environment. In addition, they have created Bali's largest enclosed dog park and have saved over 1000 dogs. 

2. Bali Rumah Singgah Satwa (Bali RUSS)

Tio Russ founded Bali RUSS with one mission: to save and give a better life to animals in Bali, especially dogs and cats. They save them from threats such as disease, abuse, consumption, and elimination – and provide proper healthcare, sufficient nutrition, and a decent place to live.

3. Jet Set Petz

Founded by Rhonda Lapesh, Rhonda and her team have sterilized, vaccinated, and found homes for more than 3,000 animals. They have an average of 50 dogs in their care available for adoption.

4. Villa Kitty

As the name says, Villa Kitty exclusively rescues cats and is now a sanctuary to hundreds of healthy, happy cats. 

5. The Bali Dog

The Bali Dog is dedicated to rescuing, fostering, and finding homes for its rescue dogs. Starting in July 2020, mid-pandemic, The Bali Dog initiated an Emergency Street Feeding program ongoing daily in the south part of Bali. 

6. Street Paws

This animal charity founded by Eliane from Switzerland has developed rescue, adoption, and street feeding programs here in Bali, and they feed over 150 dogs daily. 

7. Bali Paws

Run by two fog crazy sisters, this charity not only takes in strays, feeds, and heal, but they also visit hundreds of local families all over Bali, providing food, training, and love for the dogs. 


The oldest and largest pet rescue agency in Bali has rescued, saved, and placed thousands of animals all over the island.

Whereas the stray cat and dog problem in Bali is real and complicated, hundreds of good-hearted, passionate people are working 24/7 to rescue and save all the animals they can. 

Please visit any of the above charities if you wish to donate. And above all, please stop importing and buying dogs in Bali. Instead, adopt, support, and provide a home and love to the cats and dogs that need it so much. 


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