Sustainable Organic Farming is on the Rise in Bali

Rob Hourmont

The importance of cultivating and purchasing organic food in Bali sees a steep rise.
Feeding the Pigs with Roots.Rob Hourmont

There has been a tremendous push towards natural, clean and healthy organic foods in Bali in the last few years. Bali's ever-growing expat community primarily leads the increased popularity of organic produce in Bali. An estimated 50.000 expats currently reside in Bali.

Several entrepreneurs have stepped up to the challenge and embarrassed organic farming for health reasons and a humane and healthy life for the animals. Traditional farming includes chemical pesticides, fertilizers for vegetables as well as antibiotics, growth hormones, and pesticides in animal feed.

When we consume non-organic foods, we also are ingesting particles of the toxic chemicals in these foods. The more chemicals we inadvertently consume, the higher the health risk over time, and science confirms that consuming chemicals can lead to cancer and other diseases.

Here are a few of Bali's impressive companies rising to the challenge of providing healthy, organic foods.

Bali Highlands Organik

Bali Highlands Organik is an organic pork producer. They purchase the piglets from the market and give them to the farmers in the area to raise. Once the pigs are grown, they repurchase them from the farmers, deducting their initial investment.

Bali Highlands supply the farmers with the food to guarantee the pigs are fed free of any chemicals. The pigs roam free on large plots in the mountainous region in north Bali. Bali Highlands Organik's system provides many farmers with well-paying, sustainable jobs, and healthy meats for the consumer.

Bali Organic

Bali Organic is a full-service online organic supermarket. They provide vegetables, all kinds of meats, seafood, fruits, nuts and seeds, honey and oils, and excellent service.

Isola Wine

Isola Wines is a Balinese wine manufacturer using Italian wine-making practices. They grow their grapes organically and do not use any chemicals during the wine-making process.

Bali Organic Center

This is an organization of local Balinese farmers aiming to grow and harvest all kinds of exotic fruits and vegetables.

Keto Crunch Bali

The Keto Crunch Bali is an organic producer of treats, snacks, and desserts. All products are made with Almond, Coconut Flour, Dark Chocolate, and Grass-Fed Cow Butter. Their products, such as Tiramisu, Brownies, and Cookies, are sugar-free, healthy, and delicious.

There are too many small businesses in Bali producing healthy and organic products to mention here. It's great to see this positive development happening on the Island of the Gods.


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