Bali has Banned the Consuption of Dog Meat

Rob Hourmont

As has the Indonesian Government for all of Indonesia!
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I have to debunk the notion that Bali allows the dog meat trade, and dog meat is consumed in Bali.

Dogs have certainly been consumed in Indonesia and most Asian countries over time. Most notably, it's still the norm to see dog meat on menus in China, not in Bali, ever.

The dog trade has existed in Bali, but the authorities are doing all they can to stop it. It can be difficult as several old-school communities enjoy dog meat.

Please read The Jakarta Post article.

In addition, it's important to understand that these communities see dogs like any other animal that's consumed. Sadly, there is an abundance of homeless dogs roaming the streets, causing havoc and noise. Dogs become easy prey for these communities, as they are free if caught.

However, it's 100% illegal to offer dog meat in any restaurant in Indonesia today. But it's complicated to control due to the number of free-roaming dogs on the streets.

There are thousands of healthy and happy dogs in Bali, yet thousands of unhealthy disease-ridden dogs are also trying to survive. It's a rather sad problem that's exceedingly hard to control.

Bali has many wonderful dog rescue organizations in operation and hundreds of foreigners and locals helping to solve the problem.

Dogs are loved in Bali and are valued as they are in the west for most folks.

The dog meat trade is a global problem. Because if dogs are accessible off the street, many poor communities will resort to making a living with these poor dogs.

Bali and Indonesia are working on it, and it will eventually stop altogether.

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