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I took a 24-hour spin from Bali to Jakarta and back - this is how it went.

My plan was to continue on to Singapore, but that didn't work out. I had two vital documents missing, which I didn't realize until I got sidelined at check-in. My next update is about that situation.

Although my planned trip to Singapore failed, I learned a few valuable lessons about the "new normal." I honestly didn't think international travel would be so complex these days, but it is.

The good news - air travel from Bali and back runs seamlessly on all levels.

All that's required for domestic flights in Indonesia is your double vaccination and an antigen test.

The registration process takes 5 minutes, the test 5 seconds, the result 5 minutes too. It was a smooth process, and the swab wasn't unpleasant - I barely felt it.

Test certificate, ID, and ticket confirmation in hand, you cruise through an efficient checkpoint where they swiftly view and stamp your docs, and off you go to check-in.

Bali's domestic airport was bustling as this was last Friday afternoon. However, the check-in time was fast, and the staff super friendly and professional.

In Bali and Indonesia in general, staff are always friendly and smiling, no matter what industry. It's delightful to interact with businesses or regular people in Bali, which is one reason Bal is such a popular destination. The service is simply second to none!

My overnight stay in a lovely airport hotel in Jakarta was smooth and comfortable - again, accommodating and friendly hotel staff. I can highly recommend the hotel I stayed at - FM7 Resort Hotel Jakarta Airport.

Saturday morning:

Jakarta's International Airport was expectedly busy.

Indonesia's Flag carrier airline - Garuda - operates its domestic flights out of the International Terminal.

To be on the safe side, I arrived 4 hours ahead of my flight, which turned out to be unnecessary. I walked to the outdoor container PCR and Antigen Testing Site, signed up, got tested, and again the result was in my hands 5 minutes later.

I went back to the hotel, and the management kindly let me use my room again until 12 pm.

With my flight at 1:50 pm, I cruised back to the airport at 12:30 pm, checked in smoothly and quickly, passed through security with ease. A wonderful experience.

Rob Hourmont

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