Top 5 Burger Spots in Ohio You Must Try

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While we surely do not recommend anyone to eas hamburgers every day, we agree that it's ok to enjoy a good burger once in a while. After all, it's all about moderation. And a good tasting burger every now and then can definitely make your day better, don't you agree? We have a feeling we do. After all, this is America and we do love our burgers.

Now, the difficult part might be finding a good place to eat a burger. But that doesn't apply to every state. In fact, people from Ohio love their burgers and luckily, there are many burgers spots in Ohio that actually know what they are doing. To help you decide, we have put together a list of five burger spots in Ohio, but we are open to your suggestions as well. With that mind, after reading our list, make sure you let us know what your favorite burger in Ohio is. We would love to try it!

1. Tank's Bar and Grill, Dayton

Tank's Bar and Grill has been providing burgers, fries, and other American delicacies since 1987. Tank's understands that a decent burger is dependent on the entire burger joint experience, so they provide actual arcade games, a jukebox, and a "Mars Attacks" pinball machine. Their trademark "Tankburger" is certain to be among the most delicious meals you've ever had.

2. Zip's Cafe, Cincinnati

If you believe Zip's is old, just wait until you meet the butcher. This Mt. Lookout tradition dates back to the 1920s, but its meat supplier, the venerable Avril-Bleh & Sons, has more than 30 years under its belt! In the burger business, tradition matters, and these beauties begin each day as fresh-ground beef blobs before being smooshed on the griddle. We're not usually fans of double burgers, but the Double Zip is just perfect, with patties that are midway between diner and pub size. It's served on a honey-scented bun from another Cincinnati classic, Klosterman bakery, with onion, lettuce, mayo, and tomato.

3. Gahanna Grill, Gahanna

Since 1939, Gahanna Grill has been serving customers from all around Columbus, and everyone who walks through the door knows they're known for terrific cuisine, fun times, and pleasant service. The famed "Beanie Burger," created by one of their longest-serving chefs, is a client favorite. Bacon, lettuce, coleslaw, tomato, grilled onions, and a colossal hamburger patty. Excellent! What more can you wish for?
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4. Johnny’s Little Bar, Cleveland

The greatest burger joints will almost always be found in back alleys, with a dangling blade sign swaying in the breeze. Johnny's Little Bar is the kind of place where you go during a storm and emerge hours later, a little dryer, a lot fuller, and a lot more pleased, due to a well-made burger and a few cool beers. Johnny's is small, with only ten tightly packed tables, but the burgers are massive — charred and meaty, oozing with cheese, and crammed between a toasted Kaiser bread. You might as well top the burger with bacon, serve it with onion rings, and wash it down with a cool beer.

5. Flip Side, Columbus

Flip Side burgers are produced entirely of Ohio-raised, grass-fed beef, making them not only tasty, but also some of the healthiest, most ecologically responsible, and community-building burgers available. Your meal is complete when you wash it down with something from their extensive craft beer menu or one of their gourmet shakes.

What do you think about our top picks? Have you been to any of these places? If so, did you like the food? Share your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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