3 Great Steakhouses in Florida You Must Try

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There is a saying that goes around and sounds something like this: if you don't like steak, it means you have never had the chance to try a really good one. And we agree with that. Even though in some places it can be hard to find a good steak, that is definitely not the case for Florida, which is actually famous for serving some of the best steak in the US. Pair that with some of the best beaches in the country and super fun theme parks, and you've got yourself the perfect holiday destination. If you don't believe us, just drive (or fly) to Florida to see for yourself.

And while you are there, make sure to check out at least one of these steakhouses. We guarantee you will not be disappointed. Here are our recommendations:

1. Bourbon Steak, Aventura, Florida

Celebrity chef and restaurateur Michael Mina is the brains behind this luxury steakhouse which serves butter-poached Prime cuts grilled in the flames of a wood grill and served with bourbon steak sauce. Seasonal seafood delicacies like pan-seared local snapper and grilled tiger prawns are added by executive chef Gabe Fenton.

The 16-ounce Kansas City strip, 10-ounce grass-fed Florida Wagyu filet mignon, and the legendary off-menu burger with duck fat fries and a Jim Beam adult milkshake are also popular with carnivores. However, don't pass on the Maine lobster potpie or Hudson Valley foie gras. A roasted white chocolate bread pudding, espresso panna cotta, or house baked beignets with 18-year Macallan butterscotch for dipping are among the desserts available.

Do you need more reasons to visit Bourbon Steak? We think not.

2. Bern’s Steakhouse, Tampa, Florida

The simple fact that they have an entire menu dedicated to steaks should say a lot about the quality of food here. If you are an expert (or have simply eaten a lot of steaks in your life), all you have to do is choose the thickness, size, cut, and temperature, and you'll be able to enjoy a delicious steak in no time.

If you don't know what to choose, the staff is more that prepared to help you make the best choice. If you are in Tampa, you should definitely not miss Bern's Steakhouse.

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3. Morton's The Steakhouse, Coral Gables, Florida

The core menu is basically the same as it was when the steakhouse franchise first opened in 1978, down to the iconic double porterhouse and weekend prime rib special, but new cuts such a bone-in filet with béarnaise sauce have been added.

A bar menu is also offered for early evening and late-night grazing/lounging, geared at attracting a younger and more budget-conscious grazing/lounging crowd: iceberg wedge bits, a crab cake BLT sandwich —- with a smoked salmon pizza as mod as it gets. Soufflés (chocolate, raspberry, Grand Marnier, or lemon) are still the most popular dessert.

If you are in the area, you should definitely have dinner one night here. If you not planning to visit Coral Gables in the near future, there are many other steakhouses around Florida. In fact, this steakhouse is so popular that has many restaurants scattered around the US. All you have to do is check their nation-wide locations, and pick one that is close to your hometown. Even though, we must say that this steakhouse is also worth a one-day trip.

However, make sure to first make a reservation via their official website.

What do you think about our choices? Have you ever been to some of these places? If so, what did you think? Do they deserve to be on our list of "best steakhouses" in Florida? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section down below.

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