6 Reasons To Visit Los Angeles At Least Once in Your Lifetime

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Many people dream of moving to Los Angeles and having a great career. Whether they want to be an actor/actress or sing and become known internationally, they all pack their bags, move to the City of Angels, and hope for the best. But this article is not for them.

This is for those who want to explore Los Angeles for a couple of days, maybe even weeks. Because besides the high-end locations, designer stores, and fine-dining restaurants, there's a lot of things you can do in Los Angeles.

You can have a girls/guys trip, or take a long holiday with your family. No matter your interests, you'll for sure find something to do in Los Angeles. So without further due, here are some of the best experiences you can have in Los Angeles.

1. Walk along the Venice Canals

At times, Los Angeles may feel like a world of its own. That's because there are so many things you could do here - and all of them are unique in their own way. For example, you can explore Venice, an amazing beachfront neighborhood known for its charming beach houses and good food.

Though you won’t find boat rentals anywhere along the Venice Canals, you can bring your non-motorized vessel to tour the neighborhood at the water level if you want.

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2. Travel back in time at the drive-in

If you are one of the people who always wanted to watch a movie at a drive-in but never found a spot, here's your chance. Since Los Angeles plays a big role in the movie industry, it comes as no surprise that here is where you can have any experience you could dream of.

Why go watch a movie at a drive-in? Because it’s tons of fun, cost-effective, and one of the few ways you can go out safely right now.

3. Explore Rodeo Drive

While it is most famous for being a luxury shopping district, Rodeo Drive is also a fun tourist destination to explore. If you can afford it, go ahead and treat yourself to some designer clothes and accessories. If not, simply stroll around and take in the views.

And if you watched Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, then you might want to head over to Boulmiche Luxury Fashion Store, which is still open.

4. Wander the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Is it going to be crowded? Absolutely! Is it worth it, though? Absolutely! So don't miss it!! Though this tourist area can be crowded to the point of a parade, it’s worth a visit if you’ve never been to Hollywood. Cement hand- and footprints immortalize Hollywood’s elite in the forecourt, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, home to over 2,600 terrazzo and brass stars embedded in the sidewalks serve as a yellow brick road to the Theater’s Oz.

Have fun and let your inner child take photos with street performers costumed as Mickey Mouse, Yoda, Superman, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, and other box-office leading roles.

5. Hike Griffith Park, the Observatory, and the Hollywood Sign

After all the shopping and people watching, you should head over to Griffith Park, one of the most beautiful places in Los Angeles. There are daily sky viewings and monthly programming offered along with exhibits, galleries, and a planetarium at the famous observatory. But above all, it is the place where you can enjoy the best views of Los Angeles.

If you want to get up close to the famous Hollywood sign, simply hike one of the three trails available.

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6. Relax on the sand in Malibu

It's hard to name one celebrity that does not own a house in Malibu because the place is absolutely beautiful, and everybody wants a piece of it. But don't worry if you can't afford to rent a place there for a few nights.

You can still enjoy it, and walk on the beach for hours, for free. Soak in the sun, admire the surfers or even join them if you dare.

Have you ever been to Los Angeles? If so, what is your favorite thing about the city?

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