Agonizing to Uplifting: What Will You Choose to Celebrate in February 2021!

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A Nice Idea for "2022"

The holidays are over. 2021 Resolutions written on January 1st are being discovered on refrigerator-sticky-notes. Hidden under take-out-menus for sushi or pizza. Hmm, pizza-sushi. Note to self: New Business idea Pizza-Sushi.

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How did you do? Are you close to accomplishing your masochistic January Goals? Are you still pushing through Dry January? Squat challenges? It's okay if you are not. There is no judgment here. Feel free to grab those sticky notes, place them in a file called "nice ideas for 2022," and move on. For the next eleven months, you are free to do whatever you want. 

What Next?

If you're like me, you are probably sitting down preparing for February. Okay, if you are like someone else, really. I rarely prepare in the traditional sense, and I haven't known what day it is since sometime in March 2020! But I do know that February is close. It could be in two days or 2 weeks, but it's coming. I'm pretty sure. 

According to retailers, there's so much that requires our attention in February. Like most months, it is filled with special days and events. BUt Febrarury seems a bit excessive. Honestly, you'd be hard-pressed to find a day that didn't require a card for something. 

Marmots, Cherubs & Toothaches Oh, My!

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With so many days suggesting something to celebrate, finding downtime can be difficult. There are the typical days celebrating Marmots seeing their shadows (February 2nd). Chubby cherubs not seeing an issue with violating "social distancing guidelines" when shooting arrows into unsuspecting singles, as well as so many days celebrating nuts! Perhaps, too many.

Then there's February 9th, National Tooth Ache Day! I suspect this one comes ahead of the 14th is fortuitous timing. Knowing people will be tearing devouring heart-shaped boxes of caramel and chocolate 5 days later. Likely, after being shot with arrows, feeling amorous and making out instead of brushing their teeth. 

Following the 14th is the 15th. That's just how counting works, I suppose. On the 15th, we celebrate Singles Awareness Day. A day when we acknowledge everyone sly enough to dodge that chunky cherub's inappropriate use of a bow and arrow.

On the 13th,  World Radio Day, we have a moment of silence. This is followed by going to YouTube and watching The Buggles video for, The Video Killed the Radio Star.  This day always brings a tear to my eye. It reminds me of another day missing from the Gregorian Calendar, "Teen Mom's Killed the Video Music Genre of MTV."

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I have to back to National Tooth Ache Day for a moment, and it's choice to be on the 9th. This day is also National Pizza Day, which may help my future Sushi-Pizza business (see above). So I see a day dedicated to dental hygiene potentially hijacking my day. Litigation may follow.

One day that I think rocks is National Guitar Day (NGD). This comes ahead of International Guitar Month, which began in April 1987. NGD is a day where people worldwide, with no musical talent, pick up a guitar. At exactly noon Greenwich Mean Time, they collectively play the opening to Smoke on the Water for precisely 8 minutes. Don't believe me? Just stop and listen on the 11th; better yet, take part! Check your local listings for the correct time in your area.

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There are days celebrating pudding, chocolate (2/1), pancakes (2/16), almonds (2/16), mints (2/19), muffins (2/20), pistachios (2/26), and people's love of Tug of War (2/19). There are even days celebrating days. Okay, I might have made that last one up, but with nearly 100 to choose from, it's difficult to tell. I, for one, would like a day called "Nothing to Celebrate Day." Although I suspect Hallmark would find a card for that too, that I'd have to buy.

On the 18th, we have National Drink Wine Day (NDWD). I personally call NDWD any day that ends in "Y." The reality is, from Pokemon to Protein, both on February 27th, by the way. There is something for everyone to celebrate in February. I have no idea how other months compete. 

Days Envy

Why so many things in February? Perhaps it is "days-envy." Sure every four years, the other months gather together and throw lowly February a bone. Giving it a whole extra day, bringing it to twenty-nine. But, even then, it is a day shorter than any other month. That has to take its toll on a month's self-esteem. 

National Freedom Day and Black History Month

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All jokes aside, February is a significant month. It kicks off on the first with National Freedom Day. Commemorating the day Abraham Lincoln signed the resolution that would lead to the 13th Amendment. This change would ultimately lead to "legally" ending slavery on December 6th, 1865. 

The entire month of February is designated Black History Month. Many suggest, and I agree, there is no reason to limit this history to a single month. However, it's a start towards understanding.

With increased awareness raised through Black Lives Matter in 2020, this year more than ever is a great time to educate ourselves. To learn about the critical contributions and injustices perpetrated against those descended from the African Diaspora.

Ending with Kindness

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I'll end with one last thought. National Kindness Day is not until November 13th. However, "National "Random Acts" of Kindness" IS in February (2/17).

With only 28 days in February 2021, I suggest making every day National Kindness Day. Let's make each day count. The citizens of the world could use more than a little. As for February? It won't mind one more day. 

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