Talk is cheap when the story is good


The cheapest form of entertainment is talk, the quickest way to educate and spread information is by talking, making it malicious and with ill-intent and it is a rumor, hearsay, and can be damaging. However, it is also a means to reminisce about times past and rekindle memories accompanied by photographs and videos. Talking brings people closer, with feelings and facial expressions evident in sincere and face-to-face contact. That is in contrast to a text or online message- DM, text message, email- which has no tone, and the interpretation is bereft of validity. One can assume and that assumption sometimes leads to wrong conclusions.

Zoom and video calls can make up for physical distance sometimes, but there is no denying the fact that most people still prefer the presence of another in the same place and time. Humans are social beings and as such have the need for interaction and that is how most relationships are formed. As is true for most, though some prefer solitude and anonymity, this need is fulfilled during talks with longtime friends, family, or even strangers at a bar. It may be the reason why online dating is such a hit nowadays.
solitude allows for introspectionby Kerrworks

Talk is cheap when the story is good. It may be about bygone times, dreams, and aspirations but it brings people together. It creates that closeness and solidarity. Sometimes, the topic is hurtful to others, it can be gossip; truth be told who doesn't talk ill of another? However, when that talk gets out of hand and becomes judgmental and borders on slander and libel then it becomes dangerous. People should know the difference and know when to stop. These judgments, the stones thrown at others may well someday be heading their way so there is learning to be had from all these talks. One has to step back and learn to listen and analyze from a distance, out of the box.

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