Spring blooms (fictional)


This is a work of fiction.

Spring blooms signal the start of spring break. Not only is there a whiff of eager anticipation in the air, but there is the sense of wanton abandon and freedom from the constraints of school responsibilities and deadlines and exams and quizzes and projects. Freedom awaits!

That gap between semesters that's a week-long affair to remember, where love lost is rekindled during the mini vacation one spends with a friend's family or her own. When the clear sky and bright flowers of the field otherwise devoid of any color during the winter has woken up and invites a quick frolic in its vast open space.

spring bloomsby Kerrworks

The summer fling gone wrong that Leah has vowed to forget and the memories of being in his big warm embrace, being the subject of the big blue-eyed stare from those beautiful eyes that made her melt inside. Well, friends have come a-calling and the school "holiday" is so precious to waste just sulking in the farm so off she goes to an adventure. Passport in hand, one small carry-on to take and they hop on the plane. Who needs clothes? Daddy gave his okay to use the credit card and they'll be hosted by her bestie's parents, so it is a win-win. 7 days of bliss and careless surrender to the sun where time means nothing so there's no difference between night and day.

At 17, she's grown into a responsible pre-adult. She knows to nurse one drink thru the night has only been drunk once and learned her lesson the hard way- being picked up from the parking lot at 15, by the EMS when friends called 911 was enough experience to last her a lifetime. And she got protection, should the events lead up to the bedroom, this girl is ready and careful. Or so she thought.

Exiting the airport, they headed for the parked family car. Stephanie, ever the gracious host offered her the front seat, but Leah declined. She sat in the back and noticed the driver, blue eyes stared at her and then the disarming smile appeared. She smiled back. Her vacation has just begun.

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