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Having a micro-sized bike shop in one corner of the garage which the husband frequents whilst tinkering on bikes that keep him busy got this article into motion a year or so ago. Pictures shown aren't ads or sponsors.

Call it acoustic, manual or mechanical versus electric or e-bike. Bottomline, they are bicycles since they have 2 wheels- the presence of the motor/engine provides the main difference.

Reasons abound as to why cyclists ride and why they choose the kind of bike they have - exercise, ease in traffic navigation, comfort, cost-effectivity, clean energy, leg work, brute strength, goals, teamwork, adrenaline rush, time-tested, maintenance, upgrade capability.

And there is always a why to every buy that a biker makes. What to get and why. Will this be it or is an upgrade hovering in the near future? Oftentimes, the term "upgraditis" is heard and spoken, referring to a chronic "illness" brought forth by a seemingly endless desire to upgrade to something better. Lately, there's the bluetooth-capable gear switch technology. Affordability and willingness to spend is a factor to consider.

wireless drivetrainby Kerrworks

N+1 is a thing too: where N refers to the current number of bicycles said biker has. Nothing wrong with it, no judgement here, they did the research and feedback vs actual test at the shop or trail. Looks. Trend.

Mikey's guacby Kerrworks

Just as the rider’s age increases so does the skill and endurance, that is, granting that the physical rides and practice are as frequent as the number of side eyes he guiltily throws at the bike when he rides the four wheels instead.

If he rides for the sheer pleasure of enjoying the wind rushing in his face and the physical benefits gained from the workout, he enjoys pedaling the acoustic. If he goes for the adrenaline rush and the extreme pumps and jumps that border on the extreme and makes for great shots and videos, he’s a performer. He can go for either one then.

If it’s for distance and the ability to get some rest and still gain the mileage and conquer climbs, the ease of switching between legwork and getting a breather in without stopping, by all means, go electric. This isn’t to say E-bikes are for the inferior riders. In fact, it’s the opposite. E-bikes are for the open-minded riders who have accepted the risk of being labeled as has-beens but actually are far from it. These riders crave for and still go for the challenge of uphill climbs and high-speed downhill plus the mileage. It’s safe to say, they don’t want to be left behind. They won’t anyway, because the team uses the same kind of bike.

Herbert's e-bikeby Kerrworks

Robert's acousticby Kerrworks

Rider’s preference rules and at the end of the day, if you have the money to spend, buy the bicycle you want. Ride it, upgrade it, and ride it again. It’s a cycle-pun intended.

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