How This Website Helps Americans Make Better Shopping Choices in 2021

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Reviews matter a lot to your business because it helps you make your brand. People tend to patronize your brand if they trust you and your product. And most often, this trust comes from reviews they are getting from credible sources, commonly from e-commerce websites.

But how confident are you that the reviews from a website are credible and trusted? Go to Reddit!

According to a study released by the American Press Institute, Reddit is the second most trusted source of information via social media. And it has also been a favorite platform that marketers have enjoyed using for years. Reddit is a source of almost anything you can imagine from news, technology, film, literature, and anything you want to discuss.

Ultimately, in September 2021, Reddit became the 7th most visited site in the United States and ranked 19th globally with 430 million active users per month. Thus, it means that Reddit gains trust, thereby a source of credible reviews on e-commerce, because of the following reasons:


People on Reddit who call themselves Redditors share a genuine passion over a topic at hand. It makes them knowledgeable, credible, and authentic to discuss things, and thus they receive trust from consumers.


Redditors are comfortable, trusting, and feel that they create an authentic connection among other Redditors. They trust people they know and people they have vetted on who earned their respect and gave them due respect as well.

What do people who use Reddit have to say about the platform? Let's hear it in their own words. According to pishfish001, he uses Reddit because "people on Reddit tend to be more honest about their reviews because it is anonymous." In fact, personally, this is the reason why I always check reviews on Reddit before buying any product. Reddit Bests helps me sort products in the specific category I'm looking for according to the number and quality of reviews, and browsing through them, I can order what I want.

Meanwhile, Paul G says, "When it comes to Reddit, people either love it or despise it. And, to be honest, I agree with both of them. What I mean is that I found some amazing communities on Reddit since the beginning of the Pandemic, and they immediately bonded with me, and we shared a lot of information together."

What do you think about Reddit reviews? Do you trust them while shopping for a product online? Let me know your views in the comments below.

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