A Call to Action: The Global Food Shortage That You Don’t Want to Experience in Your Lifetime

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The year 2021 is going to be a bad year when it comes to food security. According to the UN World Food Programme, 957 million people across 93 countries live in hunger and have nothing to eat. And there are 239 million people in need of protection and life-saving humanitarian action.

The Global State of Food Security

The number of countries facing a growing level of acute food insecurity is significantly increasing. Food insecurity was aggravated by the onset of the COVID -19 pandemic because of reduced incomes and supply chain disruption. Also, conflict, natural hazards, socio-economic conditions, pests led to the severe and widespread increase in global food insecurity. And these affect vulnerable households in almost every country.

In many countries, food price inflation is experienced at a retail level mainly due to the pandemic, currency devaluation, and social distancing measures. Rising food prices severely affect the people of low and middle-income countries since the bulk of their income is spent on food. And thus, they are deemed to cut down on quantity and quality of food consumption.

The Causes of the Global Hunger

Humans are suffering the consequences of reckless environmental actions that cause climate change. It is one of the driving factors that realized the hazard that was never as bad as today.

Many countries have started to realize that the global climate change issue is a humanitarian emergency. It fuels conflicts and economic risk while increasing the effects of disease outbreaks like COVID-19. And it requires a highly globalized and dynamic solution that can not be contained by one country alone.

This issue requires governments and organizations to forge efforts to identify and implement solutions from new angles and different directions. It needs a global dialogue that should include a game-changing approach for the transformation of unsustainable food systems. And this transformation should result in global food security that is accessible to everybody.

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