5 Worst Places To Live in Delaware

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Delaware is a state with the second-lowest population. Both rural and city living are available at this location: countryside and urban life. Those of you from Delaware believe it's the nation's biggest surprise, with Philly want toes on one side as well as country babes on the other.

What about the people in your neighborhood? Is everything okay?

Delaware's smaller towns and villages are equally as appealing as its major ones. Delaware possesses five of the worst locations to live in a business province, as per scientific data. If Delaware is your homeland, you can reside in any of these five locations.

1. Laurel

Laurel seems to have a higher violence record as one of Delaware's most crime-ridden communities. This should come as no wonder to anyone who lives in Laurel. Every year, 1 in 18.6 people undertake a property crime, including an automobile break-in or house robbery. Black license plates, smartphones, and laptop computers are among the items stolen.

Furthermore, the FBI documented 125 violent offenses in a single year. Thus, in one year, the crime rate per 1,000 people is 40.03, according to the earlier sources.

Furthermore, this neighborhood has among Delaware's lowest wages. At $37,857 per household, it’s not sufficient to make ends meet for these Slower Lowers.

2. Seaford

Seaford is not near the seashore. It is a branch of the Chesapeake Bay and is situated in southwest Delaware. Seaford possesses something more than a perplexing name; the municipality also has other, more serious issues. The city was founded after the English town of Seaford.

7.7 percent of its employees are out of employment. Simultaneously, crime is 175 percent higher than in the rest of the country. So there seem to be advantages to living in Seaford, still looking for a sight of water? The Nanticoke River Walk enables visitors to stroll beside the riverbank.

3. Milford

Milford is located on the Mispillion River. Slaughter Beach, in which you might appreciate the sunshine, is only a 15-minute drive away. In comparison to many of the places on this list, Milford's economy is likewise relatively strong. The community has a tremendous median income of $47,824 as well as a 4.7 percent unemployment rate.

Why is Milford one of the worst locations in Delaware? Short answer: living expenses and crime. It is believed that the region seems to have a rate of violent crime 130 percent greater than the national average. Considering a population of 11111, many Milford residents struggle to provide for their families. The poverty rate is 14.1 percent.

4. Bear

Bear's economy is sink-or-swim. Although being at a record of 9.3 percent, the jobless rate remains high. Furthermore, the neighborhood median income for those who work is $72,192.

Bear is fifth on the ranking of Delaware's most difficult communities due to its uneven financial status. Partly due to the high population density, which would be 10% more than the national average. Philadelphia, a 45-minute commute to the northeast and a city with a typical house value of $209,700, is indeed a prominent neighbor to Bear as a suburb.

5. Kent Acres

Kent Acres is in the southern part of the county. There are numerous attractions in this region and a comfortable commute for the town's 2,519 people. Regrettably, there is a drawback to this. Due to its poor infrastructure and low living expense, Kent Acres is Delaware's Fifth worst area.

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