5 Worst Places To Live in Hawaii

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Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii, considered one of the most beautiful states within the country. Formed by volcanic activity, the islands of Hawaii are a popular tourist and honeymoon spot. Who wouldn't want to travel into this aesthetically pleasing place? As much as people love this state for its beauty, they should also know that it isn't all beauty here, there are still the least desirable spots in Hawaii. It may seem weird to understand that this beautiful state has the worst sports, but it's quite true. Before planning your trip to Hawaii, or if you want to call this place home, then you should first be aware of the dangerous spots that you shouldn't go to.

Top 5: Hilo

Came to Hawaii but not for the beach? Hilo's got art galleries, restaurants, parks, and shops for you to stroll around. But there is a negative side here—this place is actually dangerous especially at night. Whether you are just a tourist or a resident of Hilo, you have a 1 in 23 chance of being targeted by criminals. If you badly want to go here and see the amenities it's got, then better bring a friend with you for safety.

Top 4: Makaha

Another beautiful city along the coast providing easy accessibility to nice beaches, Makaha is also a good tourist spot to visit... but not pretty much as good as you think it is. For the residents of this place, it is a struggle. For a place with a population of only 8,000+, a 12.7% unemployment rate is dangerously high and alarming. With that, many of its residents are suffering from poverty. Education here is no good, imagine sending your kids to a school with only 2/10 ratings. Plus, the cost of living here is pricey, so this is not actually a good place to live at.

Top 3: Waipahu

This city is one of the most poverty-stricken locations in Hawaii, and also one of the most dangerous. Drug overuse such as Meth is spread among residents and even teenagers here and that is why crimes often happen under the influence of illegal drugs. You or 1 in 27 residents here in Waipahu have a chance of being victimized by a crime. If you want to visit this place, make sure to watch yourself carefully.

Top 2: Kalihi-Palama

Another tourist spot with good amenities, beaches, and hotels, it is surprising to see such a place as number two on a list like this. Well, thanks to its increasing number of high crime rates. Every year, crime rates here gradually increase. If you still can't figure out how high that is, it's a 1 in 22 chance of being screwed by criminals. This can be pretty scary for those who want to take a visit to its beautiful areas.

Top 1: Hawaiian Ocean View

What a pleasant and appealing name, right? Well, this place truly is located along the sea. If you are some sort of an enthusiast for the ocean, you might consider wanting to live here... but don't. The disadvantages of this place would truly scare you off. Wanna know why?

In a population of 5,011 people, 55.2% live in the poverty line. This is truly scary and concerning knowing that such a small place includes a huge amount of individuals struggling to get out of their poverty-stricken life. The cost of living here is surprisingly high and this town has low access to other cities, having to commute for hours to reach the nearby city possible.

Hawaii, in general, is someplace that everyone wants to travel to. It's got a decent reputation for having the nicest and most pleasant tourist spots ever. But, we should still keep in mind that even a good place has its worst areas. In any place there is danger, and that is why we should always watch ourselves carefully.





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