5 Worst Places To Live in Nevada

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Nevada is such a great place for leisure, travel, living, and work. When you mention the name, cities such as Las Vegas and Reno would immediately come to mind. This bustling and busy city has become one of the most visited cities in Nevada, but a dark fact lies within those. Along with the positive reputation of Nevada among foreign people, goes the bad views and insights of those who are actually residing there. Here, we are going to discuss the worst places you could ever stumble upon in Nevada.

Top 5: West Wendover

This isolated place has a good shot at running its economy and has established its own casino and even an airport! It only has a 1.7% unemployment rate so residents who want to get busy with jobs are living their best life. However, there's quite a problem — education.

Would you believe that the best school considered here is rated only 3/10? No wonder why residents with little children refuse to continue their living here. This place also lacks amenities and the crime rate always rises, which is obviously not a description of a peaceful community.

Top 4: Yerington

If you want to live somewhere that has a lot of job opportunities, you might not want to consider living here in Yerington. Here, you might not get a good and decent-paying job.

10% of the population of this small town is unemployed, and those who do have jobs were paid less. Also, this town is hours from any neighboring city so you might be more likely to be bored here. Plus, robbery here is not a common thing. What an awful description if you were to read it thoroughly, right?

Top 3: Carlin

Looking for a place in Nevada to move in? Don't ever try to consider putting Carlin on your list. Even though crimes here were less than in any other town out there, there's still something off about this place...

And that is the lack of amenities, education, establishments, and facilities. Plus, this town has a very unaffordable cost of living, making some people living and moving into a somewhat better place. If you want to live somewhere that isn't draining you out financially, then better not try to check this place out.

Top 2: Lovelock

This place is not as romantic as it seems by the name, since this town in Nevada has quite a lot of unpleasant features... which might not get you to love this place.

With a population of 1,806 only, the crime rates here are extremely high! Imagine living in a town of merely a thousand people and having criminals blend it into your surroundings easily? It is literally a big no! Also, education and employment rates are definitely really low. However, the cost of living here is surprisingly affordable. Still, you have a high chance of bumping into a criminal if you are living in this place.

Top 1: Las Vegas

Also known as the "Sin City", Las Vegas really lives up to its name. Although having a reputation of providing the best places for fun, leisure, food, or entertainment, Vegas still has so many unpleasant and uncomfortable features that not everyone should look forward to.

It's been deemed as one of the worst places in Nevada due to really bad reasons. One, the crimes. Yes, crimes are very common here in Las Vegas as the people here were luxurious individuals who wanted leisure and fun. Second, you can normally see people having intercourse on every street! This is why you should not think of bringing your children outside in this place as they can get horrible sights of people doing sexual things. And lastly, people here develop addicting habits such as compulsive smoking. Truly, this place is not for the faint of heart and absolutely not the best to bring your family.

Cities in Nevada are usually of bad reputation, but there are still some good spots to relax and take a visit at. For a state such as Nevada where almost all cities are considered bad, you just have to be careful and be aware of the things that are about to take you on once you visit there. Also, try your best to have fun despite these disadvantages!





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