5 Worst Places To Live in Massachusetts

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Massachusetts is world-famous for being home to great culture and history. Also, sports fans often gather here to catch a sight of the famous Boston Celtics basketball team. Not only that, there are plenty of great things to be discovered in this wonderful place. Like every other state, Massachusetts has its disadvantages and worst spots. If you would like to settle in this state for a living or for finding a decent job, then you must make yourself aware first of the places that you should avoid if you wish to be somewhere safe and sound.

Top 5: Springfield

This place is home to Dr. Seuss, a renowned book author. Lovely, right? Well, this place is also the home of America's largest handgun producer. But if you were to look closely into the records of this city, it's not even lovely at all.

Violent crimes here are most prominent that you simply might want to watch your back more often if you are here in this place. Although this city contains several historical inventions here, it doesn't do much to its residents as most of the individuals living here are just under the poverty line. Don't let the pleasant history of this place fool you into thinking that it is great to live here.

Top 4: Fall River

Even though this place had a decrease in crime rates, this is still not a secured place to live by any means. Most of the residents here also sleep in poverty, and jobs here are rare to seek out.

Also, residents here have a 1 in 25 chance of being a victim of assorted crimes, so you better keep a sharp eye for any suspicious movement inside this town. The education system is pretty lacking, considering that people here are complaining of their children being unable to perceive information properly. Well, this is probably not a good place to settle in.

Top 3: North Adams

This is quite a small town with merely 13,089 people residing in here. The good thing here is, this town incorporates a cheap cost of living. Seems like this might be a proper place to live in? Think again.

You can barely have a job here since the unemployment rate is 7.2%. If you get to obtain a job at least, the pay is not justifiable and it is lower than you could expect. If you're someone who wants to find a job for good, then consider not visiting this place.

Top 2: New Bedford

According to many, this town is by far one of the worst places you could live in Massachusetts. Wanna know why? Well... the unemployment rate here is so high and residents here earn low salaries.

It's not finished yet, as this town also has issues of different crimes. Not only is unemployment the concern, but your safety too. This place is one of the many dangerous places in Massachusetts that has the highest crime rates of all time. If you value your life and safety, then do not visit this place.

Top 1: Holyoke

If you value yourself and your family's safety, don't even try and spend some time in this place. The residents and even you include a high chance of being a victim of a property or a violent crime.

Not convinced enough? This town has at least 1 case of violent crime per day, and this place is also on the list of those who have the highest rape cases. So for the females who want to take a visit here, maybe you should think twice first. Although Holyoke has its share of excellent places to relax, still, it is one of the dangerous areas you'll have ever been in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts has such a great amount of exciting places. If you want to make the most of your trip here, might as well take your time to avoid the worst places you could ever stumble upon. Assuring your safety means more fun and leisure for yourself, or perhaps for your family. If you are someone who wants to settle in this place, then you must avoid being in one of the dangerous spots for you to be ready to live pleasantly and peacefully.

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