5 Worst Places in Rhode Island

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Rhode Island may be small in size compared to other states within the US, but the amount of wonders that it has is extremely huge in numbers. Its 400-meter coastline is what makes it beautiful and desirable to travel into. This place has so many attractions and amenities for a small state, which is why tourists are aching to be here regardless of where they're from. But, this place also has places that are best avoided because of the dangers that they provide

Top 5: Harmony

If you wanna live in harmony, then you better not settle here in Harmony. Sounds a bit off, right? This place isn't actually living in harmony, after all, thanks to the inconsistencies and downsides of living here.

With an unemployment rate of a whopping 7.6%, you may not even dare to live here for a brief while if you want to make a living with an honest job. Because of the lack of jobs that this place could offer, poverty becomes a rising concern among the residents here. What's more about this town? 1 in 5 houses here is vacant, meaning people had little to no interest in staying in this place. Not harmonious after all.

Top 4: Pascoag

This town has an unemployment rate as high as 6.6%, but why did Harmony get a lower rank in this list? There are plenty of valid reasons, and isolation is one of them.

This place is literally within the middle of nowhere, lacking access to different attractions and amenities throughout Rhode Island. What makes this place more depressing is the lack of jobs, diversity, and poorly rated schools. If you're someone who wants to live somewhere interesting, then better not consider settling in this town.

Top 3: West Warwick

If you are a woman and are traveling alone, then better erase this place off your bucket list. The youngest town in Rhode Island is extremely dangerous and is healthier off avoided just like every place on this list.

Property crimes here do happen, but not as often as violent crimes. For a population of 28,800+, the violent crimes here are pretty concerning. Take note, the crimes here aren't only assaults... but rape and murder are among the most common to happen here. So, this place isn't as pleasant as you expected it to be.

Top 2: Central Falls

Maybe this can be the Jack-of-all-trades place... in misfortune. This town faces lots of economic, financial, and political challenges for a population of only 19,429 within the past few years.

Thanks to its 6.8% unemployment rate, this place includes a whopping 30.2% poverty rate. Schools here also are poorly rated and also the best offered here is only rated 5/10. In 2011, this town filed for bankruptcy thanks to the shortage of economic support. Plus, the mayor was reported for corruption which is why this town is suffering such great loss. And oh, crimes here also increase day by day.

Top 1: Providence

Providence is the capital of Rhode Island, which suggests it offers plenty of restaurants, attractions, shopping areas, amenities, then far more. Feels like a pleasant place for you? Think again once you'll read the rest.

This city has its share of troubles, too. Congestion along the residential areas could be a huge concern that it ranked 33rd in states that have the worst traffic within the US. Unemployment here is additionally a concern, with a rate of 7.8%, finding jobs here might be once in a blue moon. Crimes were no better, as violent crimes here contained mostly rape rather than murder. Females here are not advised to go or take a visit here, but if you do, make sure to bring someone else with you.

Rhode Island could be a wonderful, beautiful place of comfort, leisure, and relaxation. However, don't let these qualities fool you. The danger is everywhere and in every place, regardless of how convinced you are that they are safe. Always be careful and watch yourself, it doesn't cost to take good measures for yourself.

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