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3 Marvel Characters that Hail from New York City

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New York City has been the epicenter of fictitious crimes and alien infestations for ages. Whether it is anything from inter-galactic evil entities to plainly havoc, New York hosts all of this through rigorous eccentricity, with collapsing skyscrapers and a totaled police force. Being more populous than even other countries, NYC does prove home to a plethora of comic characters and superheroes, of which Marvel holds the prime spot. Marvel Universe is a direct resemblance of reality, added with a little splash of color and action. From web slingers (spoiler alert) to demigods who comprise the Marvel Universe, NYC residents are a local fan-favorite too.


My tingling spider-sense detected that you saw this coming. Of course, this swinging teenager has webbed our hearts since times immemorial, with us rooting for this kid when he faces a villain bigger than him, resembling our confrontations with the struggles we face. And this quality makes him arguably the biggest and the most liked marvel character.

Whether it is Peter Parker or Miles Morales, they’re both from NYC, where Peter Parker is from Queens, and Miles Morales from Brooklyn. Peter Parker’s fictitious residence would be 20 Ingram St. in Queens, under the jurisdiction of Forest Hills ( ).

Doctor Strange

Doctor Stephen Strange endured an unfortunate accident that pushed him to recover through forces beyond science. He wields magic and possesses the time stone that allows him to bend, reverse and control the spectrum of time. Highly charismatic, Doctor Strange resides in Sanctum Sanctorum, where they’re the keepers and protectors of the Earth from other galaxies. His mansion is located at 177A Bleecker St., resembling 221B Baker St. in London, where Sherlock Holmes resides, funnily enough, both characters played by Benedict Cumberbatch in pop culture movies.

Captain America

Popularly known as the first avenger, Captain Steve Rogers underwent a super-soldier serum to fight for America in World War II. He continues to fight for the liberty and sovereignty of the country, with a vibranium shield. Steve Rogers hails from Brooklyn and to date, regards it as his home.

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