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Biden Likely to Hit Green Signal on a 200mph Train Connecting Boston and NYC

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Coming into power on January 20, 2021, Biden administration has extravagantly seeped into various projects and developments towards an America that they envision. Commuting from Boston to NYC in under 100 minutes is a menial task to achieve, but New England Lawmakers including Rosa DeLauro and Richard Neal went ahead on a phone conversation with an urban planner to facilitate the functioning of high-speed trains commuting between Boston and New York City, early in April 26th.

Springing out from that pitch meeting, a $105 billion dollar rail project has been allocated that not just connects both Boston and NYC, but further spread onto Providence, Hartford, and New Haven to Penn Station, according to The rail would also connect neighboring stations like Connecticut, Long Island, and Queens, according to sources. The project has been estimated to take 20 years until completion and is aiming to make commutes between these places considerably faster. They have proposed an approximated time of 1 hour and 40 minutes for a trip from Boston to NYC, considering a speed of 200 miles per hour, which is roughly 33% faster than the prevailing Amtrak’s Acela trains.

The project of this rapid fast railway system has sprouted out of the need for an effective transportation system and to propel economic development in the country. They have also laid out foundations to commence regional rail services through the entirety of New England, which includes a link between Boston and Springfield. The proponents of the proposition opine that this project would create a plethora of new jobs, along with decreasing the traffic that has been a burden to the city for over a decade. Additionally, they have stated that this would potentially reduce the housing prices as commuting long distances for work is made faster and cheaper. President Biden’s vision for America likely seems to be within the foundation of high-speed rails that could also prove to be environment-friendly if it functions entirely electric, something only time shall tell you.

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