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3 Bookstores in Cohoes, NY You Can't Miss in 2021

Riley Blue
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If you’re a fellow book monger stuck at the entrapment that this long pandemic has been, then probably you’ve found comfort at a few places and characters, fictional or not. You’ve held tangible books close to your heart at days where you felt afraid and anxious, or you’ve plainly embraced it on an intellectual plane. Cohoes possesses bookstores that personify this homeliness, and even currently some of these bookstores run to make sure you get your supply of comfort.

Dennis Holzman Antiques

Primarily an antique shop that provides things with historic relevance and cultural heritage, this place also has a separate section for the books sharing this similar element of rusticity. With its inception as early as 1975, Dennis Holzman's antiques put for things which we have to offer. Based on the book, it is as elegant as it gets because it swore out not with mere age but with memories that transcend them into another category of book lovers.

Market Block Books

Derived out of the Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza, Market Block Books is a sea filled with pearls. They offer such gems of books of every genre that have never failed to mesmerize an ardent book lover. They still conduct events and programs to engage their customers. They currently have a 15-person limit upon their bookstore due to covid restrictions, but their services and collections are available online and they work all days at varying timings.

Aquilonia Comics

Books aren’t just about novels and guides that work up your imagination. Books are also highly expressive visual masterpieces or comics. Comics has a separate fan base and influence in pop culture. Hence Aquilonia Comics provides a space for those colorful people to paint their canvas of mind with representations of fictions held at faraway galaxies and planets. This Comic bookstore also offers cards and currently runs taking Covid protocols under consideration.

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