2 Important Skills to Look For In Your Potential Life Partner

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Good communication skills

Relationship experts agree that almost every problem that arises between couples can be solved with healthy communication. But not everyone is a born communicator.

If you’re considering spending your life with someone, it’s important to determine whether or not they have good communication skills. According to a post by Healthline, here are some signs someone might be a bad communicator:

  • Passive-aggressive behavior.
  • Brushing things under the rug, as in avoiding conflicts and ignoring issues.
  • Becoming openly defensive or hostile when talking about uncomfortable topics.

Even if someone is bad at communicating their feelings, you can still make the relationship work by helping them work on their skills. The person needs to be willing to make a change and help you help them get better at speaking what’s in their heart.

According to the psychotherapist, F. Diane Barth, L.C.S.W., here are some ways to help your partner communicate better without necessarily talking about feelings:

  • Make small talk: open up about tiny details of your day and allow your partner the space to do the same.
  • In moments of intimacy, don’t talk about the experience. Just share the moment with them in silence.
  • Practice active listening and ask for more clarification if something isn’t clear.
  • Ask questions, and don’t assume that you know the answers.
  • Once you’ve become aware of some of the hidden shared moments you’re having with your partner, see if you can find ways to increase your daily amount of “insignificant” experiences together.

Growth mindset

You don’t want to wake up one day and find your world limited to the monotony of the four walls of your house.

You don’t want to feel like you worked so hard to upgrade your skills, while your partner is still the same as the day you met them.

You don’t want to feel like you’ve outgrown them or their need in your life.

And for all these to happen, you and your partner both need to have a growth mindset — or the openness to new experiences. This is a vital skill every person should look for in their future life partner.

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