The Problems That Haunt Every Married Couple

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“We are married, but my husband and I have completely separate lives. It feels like we are strangers.”

My friend Radhika and I were exchanging news about recent life events, but the conversation slowly veered towards her marriage and how her husband seemed to have given up on the relationship. The tears she had in her eyes weren’t tears of unhappiness, but tears of frustration.

The frustration of constantly having her expectations crushed.

The frustration of waiting for a change that never comes

The frustration of giving it her all, but not succeeding in making her husband “interested” in her.

I’m not married, but this conversation broke my heart. In the book, You Can Be Right or You Can Be Married, the author Brett R. Williams found that only 17 percent of couples are content with their partner. A 2014 study by the National Opinion Research Center suggests that people are becoming less and less happy in their marriages as time goes on. According to a report by Daily Mail:

  • More than six out of ten adults in a relationship admit there is a lot they could do to improve their love life
  • Four out of ten admit they have considered leaving their partner.
  • One in ten no longer even trusts their partner.

These statistics paint a bleak picture for couples in long-term relationships. But when the results of these studies are broken down to the core elements, researchers found that the main reasons for a breakdown of a relationship over time are — people don’t know what they’re getting into,” “marriage isn’t natural,” and “people fill in the blanks with what they want marriage to be.”

The big questions are: are there some steps you can take before making lifelong commitments to ensure you have a happy relationship that stands the test of time? Can you create some filters through which a person has to pass before you consider spending the rest of your life with them?

If you are married, you need to ponder over what are some important skills every person should have before they consider making lifelong commitments with anyone.

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