A Writing Tip to Help Improve Your Skill as an Author

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Give lessons and establish credibility

Most successful articles present a problem in the introduction and then give lessons to the reader on how to solve that problem.

The second part of your article should be about laying down the ways in which your problem can be solved. The important part here is to establish credibility.

Don’t just state your opinions. Back them up by peer-reviewed journal papers. You can find them on Google Scholar or ResearchGate. Readers love a well-researched article full of credible backlinks.

Actionable takeaways

Once you’ve laid down science-backed solutions to the problem, the next part is about giving the readers takeaways they can implement in their lives.

Break down the lessons and make them actionable. Write them in such a way that a reader can apply them directly without having to read a ton of other articles to get more clarity on the matter.

The conclusion

A powerful conclusion throws back to the introduction, sums up all that has already been said in the article, and leaves the reader with a strong sense of positivity.

Your goal is to make the reader feel smarter after reading your work. Never focus on their fears. Instead, focus on where they can be if they apply your tips. That will leave them feeling empowered and wanting to implement the tips right away.

The fear of rejection

Fear of rejection is not bad per se. I mean, I have 8000 followers on Medium, and I’m still afraid of what will happen if the editors of my target publication reject my story.

But this fear becomes crippling if it prevents you from submitting your story to bigger publications.

I’ve seen so many new writers struggle with this; it breaks my heart. If you’re so afraid of rejection that you “settle” for a smaller publication, you’re essentially rejecting yourself before anyone else can reject you. How unfair is that?

Rejection is a big part of the learning process. You’ll either find a different publication that your story will be a better fit in, or you’ll get invaluable feedback that will help you improve as a writer.

Either way, you’ll learn. So don’t rob yourself of this opportunity.

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