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3 Writers From Queens, NY You Should Read in 2021

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If you're living in and around Queens, New York, and are an avid reader, here's some good news for you. If you're fond of supporting local talent and reading works of fiction from homegrown writers, this post is just for you. It discusses three writers living in Queens, New York who you should absolutely read more in 2021.

Cindy Adams

One of her most famous works of fiction is the critically acclaimed novel, The Gift of Jazzy. As the Goodreads blurb of the book claims, After New York Post columnist Cindy Adams lost her husband Joey to cancer, finding companionship again was the last thing on her mind. But one day, a visit from a friend brought just that, in the form Cindy least expected: a tiny dog. Cindy Adams brings her famous wit, smarts, and taste for celebrity gossip to a wry and touching story of the bond between a dog and its unlikely owner.

Levi Asher

One of his most famous and widely-appreciated non-fiction works is actually a literary critique. It's called Why Ayn Rand Is Wrong (and Why It Matters). As the Goodreads blurb of the book claims, A completely new approach to the ethics of Ayn Rand! "Ayn Rand deserves to be taken seriously, and she deserves to be seriously refuted", argues author Levi Asher, who offers to take on any Objectivist believers on purely logical grounds and prove that Ayn Rand was a flawed, if fascinating, philosopher.

Why Ayn Rand Is Wrong (and Why It Matters) lays out three arguments against Ayn Rand's doctrine of rational self-interest, all revolving around the meaning of the word "self". A naive and contradictory psychological understanding of the meaning of "self", according to Asher, is the weak link in Ayn Rand's chain of premises.

The author also argues that Ayn Rand's ideas deserve more respect and regard than they currently receive within the larger philosophy community, and suggests that those who disagree with her tend to rely on insult and caricature rather than reason and logic in their challenge to Objectivist dogma. Levi Asher -- like Ayn Rand, a lay philosopher who loves a structured debate -- hopes this innovative book will help bring about a better dialogue between the many smart people around the world who believe in Ayn Rand, and the many smart people who don't.

Why Ayn Rand Is Wrong (and Why It Matters) is a provocative, groundbreaking, and bracing book for anyone who cares about ethics, philosophy, and the work of Ayn Rand.

Andrew Cuomo

One of his most popular non-ficiton works is American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic. As the Goodreads bio of the book reads,

Governor Andrew Cuomo tells the riveting story of how he took charge in the fight against COVID-19 as New York became the epicenter of the pandemic, offering hard-won lessons in leadership and his vision for the path forward.

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