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Do you think one should be a reader before one can be a writer?

Obviously. You cannot become a teacher if you cannot be a student. When we read, it stimulates the brain into creativity. A director cannot make a film if he doesn’t understand what a movie is. He/she must watch movies, a lot of movies in fact. To understand the craft, to learn it and to pump up the creative juices. In the same way, to be a writer, you have to be a reader and there is no short cut.

What is the most important skill do you think a writer should have apart from writing or editing?

Explorer. He/she should be an explorer who likes to try out different stuff. Not just in writing or editing or book-related, but in other things too. If you confine, you are killing the creativity by not letting your brain absorb new things. You never know what can work for you. We all are under the impression of something, something that we do better, and others don’t. I had the impression that I am extremely good at creating romantic stories. With time I realized I’m better in writing dark dramas, thrillers and poetic justice stories. I wouldn’t have realized this if I hadn’t explored these genres. So, I keep exploring new books. I have read all sort of genres including rarely popular occult, which is about people’s own experiences about black magic and spirituality. Be an explorer and trust me you’ll enjoy it.

What was your “30 seconds of fame” moment with regards to your books or writing?

Well, I was in the office. I shared an email with my team about my book. People literally started showing up on my desk to congratulate me. I am not much of a talker in office, I’m usually reserved and focused on my work. People never expected me to do such a thing. Everyone in my team, from colleagues to my manager to director all of them were surprised. It was an incredible feeling.

Later, the team planned a “coffee with author” meeting in office. It was usually a team meeting that we do weekly, but now the entire meeting was dedicated to me, everyone had their eyes on me. They were curious, they had questions, they were excited, and they all wanted to be with me. It was amazing. Later that evening, the director introduced me to another team and told them to buy the book.

What is the best thing a reader has said to you after reading your book?

I would love to share this. I have received many praises about the book. Mostly coming from people who got the book after I declared on Facebook and Instagram about it. I had no clue who is getting it. Then suddenly, I started receiving DMs and text on messenger to congratulate me and how they felt reading the book, that too from people whom I know but haven’t spoken in a long time. It was unreal.

The best I heard about my book is – it felt it's my life. I was done with this, I succeeded in convincing a stranger to feel that it’s their story. Then a few more people said the same in different ways. However, I would like to share a review I received on Amazon.

The poet has skipped the conventional punctuation and skipped the full stops. Some poems are in the form of conversation while others are descriptive poems while others are really thought-provoking. The book has been divided into 4 sections based on seasons, autumn, winter, spring and summer. It is fantastic, how the poet reflects experience in the form of poetry. All the poems have been named.

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