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Hello Mohit. Welcome, to “Interview with Authors”. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hey Anangsha, thank you for this initiative. It’s an amazing platform for new writers and authors to present themselves. So, first kudos to you.

About me, well my name is Mohit Garg. I work for an organization called American Express. It’s been a few years I am working and never liked it. I always wanted to be a writer or photographer and have been practising both for a long time. I guess I wrote my first poem back when I was 12 years old.

Apart from this I like to sketch, and I am a huge fan of movies and have seen movies from all major countries, for instance, USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Iran, UAE, Russia, Pakistan, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Brazil, France, Bulgaria, and many more including India of course.

Seems like you are really into movies. Can you elaborate this love for movies before we go ahead?

I feel movies are essential for life. They have the power to make you feel things and take you to another world altogether. One cannot see the world by visiting every country, that’s when movies become essential. They teach you about a country, state or city’s culture and people in it.

And what do you feel about books which are converted into movies/series?

I don’t judge them. A book is felt like a book and a movie is felt like a movie. There is no point in comparing both. I’ve seen people fighting over these two, but I want to tell them there is no point. Both are two separate forms of art and have their own set of liberties they take. I’ve seen beautiful movies being made from excellent books and both feel the same. If you feel movies are not better than books, you really need to watch a lot more movies.

Right. Coming back to your book. What is the story behind the title of your book “Lives of Vulnerable Entities”?

Ah thank you for asking this and I would be very happy to explain the title for my readers. The book is all about love, the poetry, the story behind it and the story told in the book, everything. The book tells a story using poetry and overall forms a love story. The title itself is a full form, non-technical obviously. So,





If you pay attention to the cover. It reflects different emotions about love.

There is a couple in a dark shade, but happy expressions signify the bad and good phases of a relationship.

The autumn tree signifies that love is sometimes lost, not forever though, it returns when the time is right and favourable. Also, the book starts with the autumn season, so there is that significance as well.

The blue shade spread all over the cover signify the blues we experience while in love.

Overall, the book is all about love.

How was your experience self-publishing your first book? Would you be willing to do it again?

I did a whole lot of research before I even thought of publishing the book. In fact, even before I wrote the first draft. I approached some big names in the industry and did not get a good response. Some wanted a lot of money, while others wanted time of approx. 6 months just to answer a yes or no. I’m a bit impatient with such stuff. I find it outdated and don’t feel this is an appropriate way to deal with the kind of talent there is in the world.

That’s when I came across Kindle Direct Publish, and Notion Press at the same time. I decided to evaluate both and see what the outcome would be. I learnt a lot during this process. Self-publish is a great option to evaluate your work. To get a rough idea about what sort of writer you are in the eyes of the readers, I sent free copies to various book reviewers all over the country and a few outside the country. They sent a lot of reviews about it, majorly positive and a few things that can be improved. Keeping all this in mind I am currently working on the 2nd edition of the book which will be published with the same method. Although I would love to try the usual way to publish the book. So, if anyone who is willing to help me publish the 2nd edition can get in touch with me.

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