Some Simple Things that REALLY Annoy People

Riley Blue

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I can't speak  for "People" in general, but here are some things that REALLY annoy me :

  • When people start telling a story, and their introduction is so long, that the actual story is forgotten altogether!
  • Text messages that say only this - K.
  • When you are trying to concentrate on writing the perfect answer in an examination, and a teacher is breathing down your neck, poring over EVERY word. Irritating, isn't it? :D
  • That slurp slurp noise that people make while eating: I think every one must be sensible enough to know basic table manners.
  • Fake American accents (You have never been to the States, right? So how on earth did you get that accent?) and overuse of words like Kewl, Dude, etc just to appear sophisticated.
  • A person (more specifically, some girls) posting a new profile picture, that is actually a collage, of FIVE different photographs - all selfies, all taken from the same camera angle - the ONLY difference being the extent of the pout, or angle of the smile! :O
  • People who blow their own trumpet: Quips like "Hey, do you know how great a dancer I am?", or "Hi, I topped the Maths Olympiad in school." I have no doubt that you are superbly talented in your own field, but if these are not relevant now, no one cares!
  • And last, but not least - messages that say only "Hi" in the Quora inbox! I mean, if you liked the answers of that person, it's better to leave a one-line message saying how much you enjoyed reading what they wrote. It will not only make them happy but also NOT make you appear a creep! :)

What are some simple things that really annoy you? Let me know in the comments below. It would be lovely to start a discussion around all the quirky and interesting things that go on inside your head.

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