Some Things Women Do That Men Love

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Women are flighty and powerful, strong but sometimes needy, classy but sometimes reckless. And there are some things they do that drive a man crazy. The following article is a collection of all the things women do - often subconsciously - that makes men weak at the knees and fall harder in love with them. Okay, agreed that love might be a strong word, but these things make a man weak at the knees and like the woman even more.

Many of these points are written from a romantic relationship point of view and are only applicable when you are in a relationship with a woman. However, sometimes, they can also be applicable to a woman you have a crush on, a female friend, or a potential love interest.

Read on, and enjoy!

  1. The way she shops at every sale, and yet, has no clothes to wear when you ask her for an evening out.
  2. How she makes diligent notes in class so you can photocopy them before exams.
  3. The way she always has a water bottle in her bag when you feel thirsty.
  4. How she walks away after an argument, swinging her ponytail.
  5. When she stops before every mirror in the shopping mall to check her hair.
  6. When she applies kohl every day but claims she hates make-up.
  7. How she cries after watching an emotional scene and tries to hide her tears in embarrassment when you see them.
  8. The way she gets happy seeing puppies or kittens on the street.
  9. How she reminds you of deadlines, birthdays and anniversaries.
  10. How wonderful she smells when she walks by.

And the following are valid strictly if the man in question is a romantic partner:

  1. The random selfies she sends you at odd hours.
  2. The cute faces she makes after an argument to say sorry.
  3. When she gets jealous if another woman flirts with you.
  4. When she says her exes were idiots.
  5. When she makes efforts to get along with your family.
  6. How she slyly slides close to you in bed so she could warm her cold hands and feet on your body.
  7. The voice clips of her tuneless singing that crowds your playlist.
  8. When she plays with your hair.
  9. When she puts her tiny arm around your shoulder in a crowded place, marking her territory, claiming you as her own.
  10. When she uses her tiny hands to cup your face.
  11. When she stands on her toes to kiss your lips, but can’t because you are too tall, and settles for kissing you on the neck instead.
  12. How she talks in a deep manly voice and thinks she has successfully imitated you.
  13. When she wears a red saree.
  14. The way she closes her eyes when you kiss.
  15. When she gets really, really wet by your touch.
  16. When she wears sexy lingerie to surprise you on your birthday.
  17. When she tells you exactly what she wants in bed.
  18. When she plays with herself and sends you naughty video clips or photos.
  19. When she talks dirty to you while you’re at work, filling you with a mad desire to drop everything and rush back home.
  20. When you come back home to find a sex toy she ordered for you as a surprise.

These are written from the point of view of a woman. If you're a man and have anything else to add, let me know in the comments. Even if you're a woman and there are some things you do that drive the men in your life crazy, let me know in the comments. It would be lovely to start a conversation around this and hear all the thoughts that go on inside your beautiful heads.

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