My "Time to be an Asshole" Moment

Riley Blue

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My brother and I were looking for a phone for our mother on OLX. We saw a listing from a guy who lived around 25 km away that seemed perfectly suited to our requirements. I called him up and we set an appointment at his place.

So the next day, my brother and I took an autorickshaw and spent one hour traveling in the midsummer heat to reach his place. We tried calling him several times on the way, but our calls went unanswered.

When we reached our destination and the man still wasn’t picking up my call, I called him from my brother’s phone as a last resort. He picked up the call this time and said that he was in the shower all this while and so, he hadn't heard my calls.

“Fair enough,” I thought and told him that we had already arrived. “So tell me where exactly we can meet so we can buy the phone.”

“I cannot find the charger for the phone. Can you come tomorrow?” he asked.

“What do you mean you can’t find it? We had a deal yesterday, and I traveled so far just to get the phone.”

“Okay, I am coming to the Z-Corner Cafe near the Police Station in five minutes.”

“Sure, see you in five,” I said and was about to hang up.

“Just one thing, though,” he continued. “The price of the phone is INR 8000.”

“But we talked yesterday and had finalized at INR 3000!”

“Yes, I know, But I have changed my mind.”

My brother and I were dumbfounded. This man had finalized a deal with us over the phone and then made us travel in the Monday traffic to reject us on our faces.

Dejected, we went home.

But I wasn’t done with him yet. My ego was bristling and I had to get back to him somehow.

So that night, I replied to the advertisement by the same man using a different phone number and said that I would like to buy his phone for INR 8000.

He was very happy and agreed instantly, even though that meant traveling through half the city to make the deal.

So when he was on the way, I had my brother talk to him with constant assurances that the deal was on and the final price was INR 8000. When he arrived near our home and called us, he called us and said, “I have arrived. Tell me where we can meet.”

“Let’s meet in front of Sunrise Mall. Have you brought the packet containing all documents and the charger?”

“Yes, I have.”

“Okay, so I am going to buy the phone from you at INR 3000.”

“But, we had a deal yesterday for INR 8000,” he said, sounding shocked and angry.

“Yes, but now I have changed my mind.”

And the poor man had two choices: either to sell his phone to us at our desired price or to go back home empty-handed. He chose the latter.

My brother and I fist-bumped with happiness. Our ‘time to be an asshole’ moment was done.

And how!

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