Some Secrets Nobody Tells You About Being an Adult

Riley Blue

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Your parents start to grow old.

You can no longer depend on them to take care of you; heck, you can no longer depend on them to take care of themselves - it's like they slowly lose interest in everything.

Those lipstick shades that Mom and I used to lust over together - to her, they've become meaningless swabs of colour girls use to waste time now.

That anagram and those mind puzzles Dad and I worked so hard in solving - that would be another one of those things the ‘younger generation' does to kill time.

That vacation I'd made all preparations for them to go on together- well, they can always go there the next year, can't they? After all, they'd be too busy this year with visits to the doctor and routine checkups… Only that, 'next year' never comes.

Medicine boxes with tablets labelled according to the days of the week have replaced those cute mantle pieces they had brought back from that beach vacation a lifetime ago, and the colourful curtains of yore are now drab and dirty because they haven't been taken down to be washed in years.

Gardening, which used to be a hobby they bonded over has now started seeming a chore, both complaining of aches while lifting the hose to water the plants or rummaging around the soil to remove weeds.

The family lunches with a new recipe for chicken every sunday have been replaced by a staple diet of rice and vegetable stew.

Visits to the salon to get their hair coloured now seem pointless - who would want to spend so much energy doing something that would hardly last a month?

Priorities have changed from remembering birthdays and anniversaries to making sure the next doctor's appointment isn't forgotten.

The cobwebs adorning the walls of our home have become more visible and the layers of dust on the furniture need only to scream out loud to make their presence felt any more.

Yes, getting old and being an adult is hard.

But watching your parents slowly grow older is a different kind of torture.

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