The Best Way to Live Your Life in Your 20s

Riley Blue

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I turned 28 last October. Here are my two cents-

Don’t give up on your childhood dreams.

Close your eyes and ask yourself this: “If you were assured you wouldn’t fail, what is the one thing you would do?”. Now that you have your answer, make a list of all the things holding you back and how you can work your way around them.

Get a phone usage tracker

(I recommend StayFree - Overuse Reminder). At the end of the day, it will surprise you how much time you waste on social media apps, all the while complaining how you never have enough time to complete reading that book you started five months back.

Be responsible towards the planet.

Request restaurants to not give you plastic straws (you can very well drink directly from the glass), avoid one-time-use plastics, turn off lights and fans even when you don’t have to pay the electricity bill, use public transport, don’t let the ATM or shopkeeper print you a ‘customer’s copy’ of the bill - in general, educate yourself about the simple steps you can take to help the earth live a few years longer.

Educate yourself about your country’s politics.

It is easy to complain the government didn’t do anything great for the country. But it takes a responsible citizen to go over the electoral claims and previous records of each candidate and make a well-informed decision before exercising your right to vote.

Spend time with family.

Let’s face it. Our parents aren’t going to be around forever. You don’t want to wake up one day regretting that you didn’t give your mother the love she deserved when there was still time.

Find a way to not live from paycheck-to-paycheck.

This means to invest. Be it SIPs, mutual funds, life insurance, or RDs, find the deal that works the best for you. An empire cannot be built if you have to wait for your salary on the last day of each month, with living on the bare minimum for the last few days.

Read a lot.

Be it fiction, non-fiction, blogs, news articles - read whatever you can, whenever you can. It will broaden your horizons and make you open-minded about a lot of things.


This will help you to know how the world outside your comfort zone works, but not to simply click pictures for Instagram.

Live healthy.

Your body won’t be young forever, even if your mind is. So, fix your sleep schedule, stop eating so much junk and most importantly, exercise.

Take care of your skin and hair.

As an extension to the above, take care of your skin and hair. A quick Google search will reveal how easy it is to select the proper skin-care regimen that will keep your skin healthy and glowing years down the line.

Learn new things.

Did you know that as we grow older and settle in our jobs, all that occupies us during the day is work, travel to and fro, meals, alcohol, and Netflix? Break out of that cycle. Commit yourself to learn at least one new thing in a year.

Be open to the idea of getting hurt in love.

I have known so many friends who say they will marry a partner of their parents’ choice, and stay away from dating all their lives. If you do not know what works for you in a relationship and what are the things you desire from a potential partner, how can you make a marriage work? It’s not a question of ruining your own life by being unhappy, there’s a chance you could ruin the lives of your new family.

Care for stray animals.

You will be surprised how much of your inner compassion the simple act of feeding a street dog brings out.

Go on a solo trip.

Not only will this help you become self-reliant and a better planner, it will give you lots of time to sort out your priorities and reflect on what is important for you.

Don’t look towards alcohol or recreational drugs to have an enjoyable time.

Come on, you are better than that. You don’t NEED whiskey or weed to have fun, you can do that on your own.

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