Most Unexpected Ways Living Alone Changed My Life

Riley Blue

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I have been living alone in my own apartment since August 2018. This question made me introspect, and the following are based on my experiences:

  • I stopped caring about banging doors loudly, even at 2 AM. No points for guessing how much trouble I got myself into when I went to stay with my parents for the holidays.
  • I got used to peeing without closing that the door. This became so much of a habit, that I subconsciously started doing it in front of my partner too.

    (Luckily, he wasn’t grossed out. In fact, it helped us become more comfortable with each other).
  • I became obsessed about how things are arranged in my home. This became a problem when I had friends over, and I got upset if they kept even trivial stuff away from their usual places.
  • I started needing ‘me time’ desperately - just a couple of hours each day when I could sit in front of a computer scrolling through Quora, reading a book or writing my heart out.

On the upside, here are a few changes in myself that I am absolutely loving:

  • I became more responsible for maintaining a routine and started making sure I take my meals on time.
  • I was forced to learn to cook survival food - although, till date, I haven’t found much delight in cooking.
  • As I have no one to share small happy things that happen each day, all these observations started manifesting themselves in the form of poems. The result? I became active on Quora again, thus rediscovering my affection for what had been, after all, my first love.

    If you would be interested in what I have been writing, here you go.

Summing up, it would suffice to say that living alone taught me to be a mature and responsible adult.

And of course, it helped me appreciate my solitude rather than curse my loneliness.

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