Grant Cardone's Tips to Become More Succesful

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Set High Enough Goals

In the quest for success, most people tend to chase goals that are realistic and within their reach. If you want to be successful, remember that anything is possible. You have much more potential than you realize.

“If you underestimate your potential, then it is impossible to set appropriately sized targets.”
- Grant Cardone, The 10x Rule

Always remember: you are setting these goals for yourself, and not anyone else.

Don’t Compete. Dominate

In the world of forward-thinkers, there is no competition. Envy and spite are negative qualities that limit your ability to think creatively. You will be so consumed by what someone else is achieving, that you won’t be able to work on your own methods and on honing your skills.

When you try to compete with people in your field, your work inadvertently ends up being copies of theirs. Forward-thinkers don’t copy, they create. They set their own rules without thinking of what others have done.

Be Obsessed

To dominate your sector, you need also to let the desire to win dominate your senses, your every waking thought. You have to want it so bad that every fiber in your body vibrates with the belief that you can reach there, that you can do it.

If you are not obsessed with the things you want to achieve, you will spend a lifetime being obsessed with making up excuses about why you didn’t get to live the dream you had once cherished.

Don’t Strive for Balance. Strive for Abundance

This is especially relevant to people who have a job and are trying to stabilize their side hustle. The only people who put limits on what is available to them are concerned about “balance.”

With proper planning, prioritizing, and scheduling, it is possible to achieve excellence in all the tasks you set out to do. For that, you need to draw clear boundaries and have a vision of the kind of future you want to live in.

Don’t let Criticism be a Setback

You have to understand that people who are weak and experts at making excuses for their lack of success are more likely to be intimidated by your success and try to attack you as the first resort. They intend to degrade you, and not to see you grow.

However, receiving criticism is only proof that you are on the right path. If your success is enough to intimidate other people, keep pouring in the hard work, and achieving more.

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