The Most Unnatural Thing That Happened to Me in a Job Interview

Riley Blue

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This happened to me in my college days. We had a long semester break of 2 months, and my summer training was already over. So instead of sitting at home and getting bored, I had hoped to do some part-time job that would pay me as well! So I began browsing through the local newspapers, hoping to find something best suited to my needs!

One fine day I found an ad that said something along the lines of Part Time jobs. Earn up to $ 2000 USD a month. Duration: 10 hours per week.

That sounded like the perfect "job" for me! So without a second's hesitation, I called the listed telephone number. It was a woman who took the call. Our brief exchange went something like this :

Me: Hello. You had posted an ad in XYZ newspaper asking for applications to the part time job? I am calling for that. Is the post still vacant?

Female Voice on the Phone: Yes it is. May I know your qualifications?

Me: I am an engineering student currently studying in my second year. I hope I am not too under-qualified for the job? (I had assumed that it was some typing job, or a data entry job maybe)

Female Voice on the Phone: No no of course not. You can speak English?

Me: (We were having the entire conversation in English up to now) Of course I can, Madam.

Female Voice on the Phone: This is a Friendship Club, where we have high-profile visitors. You will be needed to physically satisfy our guests. Based on your performance and their feedback, you will be paid accordingly. So for how many hours a week will you be available to us?

Instant Reaction? Press the END CALL button! IMMEDIATELY! I had to take several breaths to calm myself down! Never in my life had I been spoken to like that, or asked to 'physically satisfy' anyone! It was shocking, to say the least.

Of course I never called back, nor did I receive any call from an unknown number for several weeks after that.

Lessons learnt : Anything can happen in this world.

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