Some Secrets Women Will Never Tell Men

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Let's face it: it's not easy to decipher what a woman means. If you only listen to her words, there are chances you might misinterpret them because you took her at face value. But there are several times when what a woman means is very different from what she says.

As a woman myself, I know how difficult it is for some men to understand a woman's true intentions. And that is why I put this post together to help you. In it, I have compiled some important secrets women would never tell men. I have also included some instances where a woman says something while she means something completely different.

When you are wooing the woman of your dreams, you can use this post as a checklist to make sure you don't misunderstand her words and fumble up your only chance of winning her over. Pay careful attention to what she says and her body language. After all, it always pays to be a good listener. You can be a good partner and can win the heart of any woman or man you set your eyes upon. I addition, it can help you become more adept at social situations and make friends easily.

When he tells me: You look so beautiful.

What I tell him: Oh darling, thank you so much. *blush blush*

What I don't: I spent the better part of the past hour getting ready, just to hear those words from you. <3

When he smells my hair and tells me: Your scent is intoxicating, sweetheart.

What I tell him: You like it? *smiles*

What I don't: What is that whose smell you liked the most? Is it the body lotion, my face cream, the perfume, or my hair serum? Hmm, maybe I can change brands and experiment.

When he tells me this and proceeds to hug me thereafter: Wow this dress looks so good on you. You're so sexy, I love you!

What I tell him: It does, doesn't it? Yay, thank you so much. *Returns the hug with a wide grin*

What I don't: I survived on two bananas throughout the day just so my tummy doesn't peek out. What else do you expect? :P

When he tells me: This is just so tasty. Who would believe you cooked it for the first time?

What I tell him: Aww darling, I'm so happy you liked it. I made this just for you.

What I don't: I spent the whole of last night looking up recipes online. Even then I was scared I wouldn't get it right the first time. I am so so so glad you actually liked it.

When he tells me: Darling, I'll be coming to your place tonight.

What I tell him: Yay, okay. When can I expect you?

What I don't: I need to know your expected time of arrival, there's so much to be done. The sheets to changed, the floor to be swept, my clothes to be arranged neatly in the closet. And most importantly I need to shower and brush my teeth!

When he tells me: Let's go out for dinner tonight. Pick a cuisine?

What I tell him: Umm, maybe Italian?

What I don't: I'm fine with any place, any cuisine as long as you're with me. But I know how much you love your lasagne and pasta, darling.

When he tells me: I love you.

What I reply: I love you too darling. So much.

What I don't tell him: You're the reason I go to sleep with a smile on my face at night, and it's only because of you that I look forward to each new day with so much enthusiasm. I'd never believed I deserved this much happiness, but you came along and gave me so much more love than I'd ever dared to hope for.

If I am the silent dark night, then you're the stars that brighten it. If I'm the long-forgotten poem you wrote when you were a kid, you're the music that turns me into a song. If I'm the blank canvas, yours is the palette that fills me with colours.

In so many ways more than one, you complete me.

For all that and so much more, I love you darling. I always will, no matter what.

Sometimes, when a woman tells a man he deserves someone better, she doesn't really mean it in the true sense of the word. She might, in fact, mean something else while saying something completely different.

It could be her polite way of saying she is not interested in you and is genuinely sorry for that.

The possible reasons could be :

1. She already has a boyfriend.
2. She's just had a bad break up, and can not fall in love with anyone else as yet. Also, the state of emotional turmoil she's in at present won't allow her to be in a new relationship so soon.

So she says you deserve better than her, in the sense that you deserve a girl who

1. Is single
2. Unlike her, has no emotional baggage whatsoever.

Hope this post was helpful in helping you understand the ways how some of the strings in a woman's heart works. At the end of the day, remember a woman is a human being just like you and she has her own dreams and aspirations. If you listen to her and pay attention to how she behaves around you, you will never be at a loss in trying to understand her true intentions.

If you have any confusion about the way the women in your life behave and would like to know the true intentions, leave a comment. I will try to help you as best as I can. In addition, if you have more examples of some secrets women don't tell men, let me know. It would be interesting to understand how women from different age groups and cultural backgrounds behave in different situations.

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