The Best Things About Having A Romantic Partner

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Every romantic relationship is unique in its own way. However, there are some things you enjoy the most about having a partner. In the same way, there are some ways you benefit by staying single. This post takes a look at the good and the bad sides of being in a romantic relationship. Hope it brings a smile to your face and makes you think of that special someone.

Here are the best, most adorable, and fulfilling things about having a boyfriend:

Quick stolen kisses when there's a sudden power cut and no one's looking.

Bike rides at 5 in the morning, braving the chilly dawn air, and hugging him tight from behind.

Impromptu picnics at the bank of a serene lake - with nothing to have but homemade sandwiches and each others' company.

Whispered sweet nothings that make you blush a deep crimson late at night after half the world has fallen asleep.

Some hot, passionate love followed by those magical moments when you look into his eyes and see nothing but love for you.

Someone to hold your hand and tell you that the two of you would always remain together, no matter what. And even though your friends scoff at you for being so trusting, you know that the look on his face beneath that star-lit sky when he said those words is enough to make you fall deeper in love with him. :)

Having a boyfriend adds many new previously undreamt-of dimensions to life, but best of all is that you can have your own life-size, huggable, lovable, cuddle-able teddy bear.

Here are the best, most adorable, and fulfilling things about having a girlfriend:

A reason to smile before you call it a day and go to sleep at night.

A partner who never tires of animatedly talking to you, and always manages to make you happy with her enthusiasm.

That heavenly smell of freshly shampooed hair, that you can get a whiff of, whenever you feel like it.

Free fashion advice! (Style tips, and what not!).

Those special moments of making up after a fight, when you wipe her tears away and let her know just how important she is to you.

Someone to care for, and feel fiercely protective about.

You'd never have to go hungry, because even if you do skip a meal, she'll make sure she brings something with her so that you don't go to sleep with an empty stomach. (Applicable only if the two of you do not stay apart.)

You'd soon find that Skype calls are the only good part of the day (Applicable if you're in a Long-Distance Relationship)

Lastly, and most importantly, you always have someone who knows your fears and worries; someone in front of whom you don't have to put on the mask that the world is so familiar with. Someone who wouldn't judge you for your tears and expect you to 'be a man' like everyone else so wrongly does.

Here are some good things about NOT having a girlfriend:

You can live life on your own terms. Love that eww-worthy long beard? Sport it with panache. Who's going to complain?

You get more time to study/read/watch movies/play video games.

You need not list "call her up" as a mandatory task to complete before going to bed - which can be especially harrowing if you've had a long, tiring day.

When your mood is exceptionally foul and all you feel like doing is hurling the nearest object off its resting place, you don't have to pretend to be calm, composed, and happy when she calls - just to restrict the urge to shout at her and risk hurting her feelings.

You can have the whole plate of chicken wings for yourself! (read: no sharing of food, ever.)

You'd never be 'forced' into going shopping with her, just so she can choose whether she wants the pink sweater or the fuchsia one!

Without a pillion rider going everywhere with you, need I say just how much money you'd save on petrol for your bike?

No need to worry about what you need to gift her on special occasions like Valentines' Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, anniversaries, etc.

You can always get drunk with a group of friends and check out all beautiful girls passing by (check out here is used to mean check out with respect, and not leer at) without fearing that one of them might turn out to be the roommate of your girl!

Here's what you're missing out on if you DON'T have a boyfriend:

A best friend, a confidante, and a secret-keeper; someone who knows you inside-out, and would never judge you, no matter how often they see the demons you hide beneath that veneer of politeness.

A partner-in-crime for every mischief you plan.

Someone to miss when you're lonely, kiss when you're happy, and jump with when you're feeling totally crazy.

A tight hug and a perfect spot on those broad shoulders to rest your head on, on a dark December evening when the chilly winds blow.

Long hours of phone calls that last through the night and into the wee hours of the morning - whispered conversations where you open up to him as you'd never done to anyone else before, and share some of the deepest secrets you had buried in your bosom.

Fun times, like impromptu movie dates, self-cooked food shared beneath the shade of a Gulmohar tree in full bloom, and moments when both of you break into the same song at the same time.

Your very own photographer who never tires of the hundreds of different poses you strike in the same place - just so you can have the perfect profile picture for Facebook.

A partner to go shopping with, and help you out of the dilemma of choosing one from among the tens of dresses lined up for display at the mall - each more beautiful than the last.

Someone to change your definition of the word happiness, and make you realize that it is not just a phase, but a way of life.

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