7 Things Every Movie Gets It Wrong About Being A Woman

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Let's face it, movies never get everything right when it comes to depicting women. As a man, if you want to base your opinion of women on what you see in movies, you would get everything wrong. Especially if you are someone looking to impress the woman of your dreams, if you believe she thinks and acts like the women you see in movies, you will stand no chance.

And that is why I am here to help you, my friend. As a woman, I can tell you exactly how movies misconstrue women. In this post, you will learn all the IMPORTANT things movies get it wrong about being a woman and how are those traits or habits different from real life. Without further ado, let's get started.

1. Whenever a woman goes to bath, she has to wash her hair.

No, women don't wash their hair each time they shower. In fact, most women wash their hair only 2-3 times a week. Shampooing is a big event for us, and most of the times, we schedule our hair-wash days based on our schedule. If we have to attend a party or an event, we will time our hair-wash days around that event. If we don't have to go out of the house for two days, we probably won't shampoo our hair at all during those times.

2. Women wear high-heels (especially stilettoes) on a daily basis.

Unless the woman works in the fashion industry or is a lover of fashion, most women don't wear high heels on a daily basis. We prefer comfortable footwear, mostly flat slippers or sports shoes. Oh, and while we are on the subject of heels, let me tell you another big misconception shown in movies is that when you break the heels off a sandal, it becomes flat. Things don't work that way!

3. Women have hairless armpits and perfectly done eyebrows every single day.

Like all human beings, women have body hair too. Yes, that includes hair on our arms, legs, underarms and our lady bits. Unless the woman has a date or a party planned, she won't go to the efforts of getting her arms and legs shaved. And if you see a woman who has no hair on her lady bits, know that she went to extreme lengths to prepare herself for you. You are a lucky man and she really things the world of you. She might even love you!

4. When a group of women gets together, they spend most of their time talking about the cute guy they have a crush on, or that evil ex who broke their heart.

Women talk about work, shitty colleagues, bitchy bosses, the new sales on their favorite clothes brand, the color of each others' lipsticks, who's getting a new dog, who's getting a promotion etc. The least of all topics that most women talk about is boys. Yes, we straight women love men, but that doesn't mean our lives revolve around them. Women have a huge range of wild interests that would probably shock most men.

5. All it takes for nerdy women to look pretty is to remove their glasses, take off their braces, and leave their hair open.

Ahem, no. Just no.

6. Let’s talk about make-up,

In the movies, when women wake up, their hair looks perfect and falls down to their shoulders in petite waves. They even go to bed having perfectly styled hair and toned and contoured cheeks. This isn't true in real life. All women take off their make up when they go to bed. When they wake up, their hair is ruffled and messy from tossing and turning in bed all night. Women aren't magical creatures to wake up looking perfect and flawless.

No matter how much they run, fight, or dance, the women in movies never sweat. Nor are their make-up and hair ever out of place. I only wish that were true in real life. Every woman's body is different, and unless she has extremely small or inactive sweat glands, women sweat in the summers. Their make-up isn't perfect all day long. Sometimes, their mascara runs if they get wet in the rain. Their hair becomes limp and listless when they don't shampoo for several days on end.

7. And, when it comes to scenes in the bedroom

Women in the movies climax exactly at the same time as their partners. This isn't true because each woman has a different body and their needs are different. Most women need external stimulation other than just penetration.

Women in the movies don’t need any lube for penetration. This isn't true. A woman needs to be ready with her mind and body before she and her partner can start getting it all down and dirty in the sheets. You need to pleasure her with your fingers, use some lubrication, or in the very least, spit before you can enter her.

In fact, men can penetrate women and pound them after kissing them on the lips for a few seconds and not even undressing them, let alone indulging in any fore play. This is a myth and only happens in movies. Any action in real life requires a lot of stimulation from both parties. It is rarely as easy or as spontaneous as shown in the movies.

Women wear matching under-clothes all the time. Most of the time, we wear whatever we can find when we look into the closet. In fact, if you see a woman wearing matching under clothes, it means she actually went and put in a lot of effort for you. You, my friend, are a lucky man. This girl really cares about your opinion.

Women in movies even wear lacy clothes to bed. In real life, women prefer cotton pajamas or mismatched clothes put together from stuff they used to wear in college.

Final Words

You see, life is different from movies. Women too, behave differently in real life from how they are shown in the movies. If you ever see a trait in the movies and are confused about whether it is real or not, let me know in the comments. As a woman myself, I assure you can rely on my answer. Hope you enjoyed this list. Thanks for reading.

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