The Power Of Doing Small Things

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“I’m going to stop drinking from next Jan 7”. “I’m going to start being productive from next month”. “I’m gonna hit the gym from next Monday”. These will be the most heard dialogues in December or at the end of the year. Resolutions like these will probably be said by most of the people who are willing to make a change in their lifestyle. The ‘NEXT’ in those sentences should be highlighted as that next year or month or Monday have the least chance of arriving. There are probabilities that they may not even come.

The main reason is that we don’t even know how that change will be. We are afraid of that change, even though we knew how much we need it and how much that change is necessary. Change is like a newborn or a new pet. They will not be silent and behave weirdly in the beginning as the place is new. As time goes on they will start loving the place. The same goes for our change inhabits. We shouldn’t start a habit that shocks our bodies subconsciously. We should take smaller steps before start running in a marathon.

Why smaller steps are important?

As it is important to take smaller steps, there is a term in which that will be included (i.e.) the Micro habits. Breaking mini habits into smaller portions is micro habits. People believe that the mini habits, which is easy, a tough ones. They then start procrastinating which results in just procrastinating and not getting the work done. Breaking the mini habits into a micro one helps us finish the task faster. Even the small things we do like doing the dishes, laundry, making the bed is a micro habit.

Suggested productive micro habits:

When things aren’t going the right way, the only thing we can do is to take action, whether it is right or wrong. The following are suggested in the part of taking action in micro habits.


One cannot always rely on their memory as we humans tend to forget things. In this case writing (journaling) comes in hand. Writing always has a greater impact compared to thinking and speaking. Journaling can be started by writing down important events that happened on that particular day or things we are grateful for or things we love. Journaling helps in sleeping better, lowering stress and improve interpersonal relationships.


When we are confused and not feeling good mentally, the dirty surrounding also adds its points in stressing out. In this case, cleaning our place helps us think better. A dirty room or house always brings us negative and unwanted thoughts as the dirt is also unwanted. Try cleaning your room or house and see the results.


It doesn’t matter that you are a teenager or an adult, if you have a pimple on your face, it spoils your day, as you can’t stop thinking about how ugly you look with that pimple even though you are not. Self-care not only means meditating or exercising or eating healthy foods, it also includes taking care of ourselves externally. It becomes a cycle as one stressing out because of skin problems and the problems increases because of stress.

4)Daily routines:

Things become more organized and stress-free when we have a routine to follow. The routine should be in order as it should start from the moment we woke up to going back to bed. The morning routine helps us being active and the evening or the night routine helps us reduce the day’s stress and helps us calm. One should have their routines to their preferences.

These points may help you with your mental health and bring the happiness of being satisfied. Micro habits should not only be used in productive ways like education, work, fitness, etc.…. that should also be included in relationships as small efforts have greater impacts. Those habits differ from person to person. Everyone must have these kinds of habits according to their routine and lifestyle as it will help us being organized and productive. Even though they don’t have a bigger impact on our life, these micro habits still make a difference. The main part of following a habit is to be consistent.

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