2 Ingredient Recipe to Effectively Rid Yourself of Mice and Rats

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This is some salt of the earth, old farmer’s knowledge that I’m thankful was passed along to me. My neighbor Burt let me in on a little secret on how to rid yourself of mice and rats. When you live on a homestead, it‘s pretty much a given that you will run into these nasty little rodents. It’s one of those animals that you just can’t help but dislike. They seem to go hand in hand with livestock and farming.

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Thanks to Burt, I’ve got a hack that will rid you of your mice and rats, and it’s super easy to do and inexpensive! We all know that dealing with mice and rats is a headache; they get into your animals feed, dig tunnels under your chicken coop, take up residence in your goat barn, or worse, in your own home. These are some creatures that we could absolutely do without.

Here’s the magic recipe to rid yourself safely of mice and rats: It’s just two simple ingredients. Cornbread mix and baking soda. All you have to do is mix equal parts of baking soda and cornbread mix (I use the cheap Jiffy brand with real honey). You place your mixture in a container (like a plastic Tupperware container), cut an entrance hole in the side, and wait for the mice or rats to visit and eat the mixture.

2 Ingredient Recipe To Effectively Rid Yourself Of Mice and RatsPhoto byYouTube

Why does this simple concoction work? It all has to do with the mice's and rats anatomy. Mice and rats cannot expel gas, so they are unable to burp or “pass wind”. The baking soda reacts with the stomach acids, creating carbon dioxide. So when the baking soda expands, the gas has nowhere to go, hence killing the rodent. No harmful or toxic chemicals such as Decon are needed, which helps to keep your farm and domestic animals safe. This is all natural and can help rid you of your rodent problems. Once the rats or mice have been exposed to the baking soda, they usually perish within 24–36 hours.

I’ve used this technique here on my hobby farm and I’ve had success, the best part with using this technique is that it does not contain any harmful ingredients that could potentially hurt our domestic and livestock pets. I’m super thankful for neighbors like Burt and their years of wisdom! Some of these old time remedies are the easiest and best!

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