5 Easter Egg Fillers - Without Candy.

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I don’t know about you by my kids loooove to hunt for Easter eggs! Over the years we have had to get creative with what we were stuffing in our eggs. I hated having my kids zooming all over the place due to sugar overload, plus it’s just not healthy for them. So a few years back we stopped adding candy to our Easter eggs and have never looked back!

Our plastic eggs are now filled with fun, practical things, that in my opinion are much better than candy.

5 Easter Egg Fillers That Will Surprise You!Photo byCanva/ R.Gerner

1. Puzzle Pieces! - Depending on the puzzle you can fill a lot of eggs with pieces of puzzle. This is by far one of my favorite egg stuffers! You can pick up puzzles relatively cheaply. It makes the Easter Egg Hunt fun and also reduces competition because at the end of the hunt everyone has to “pool” their eggs together to assemble the puzzle. Not to mention at the end of a long day full of Easter food and activities, working together as a family to put the puzzle together is a fun and relaxing activity.

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2. Coupons! - Our kids love receiving fun activities, special “one on one” days and favorite meal coupons. Some suggestions I like to use... Your Choice - Movie Night This Saturday! Bake Cookies with Mom! Spa Day for the Girls! You Choice - Anything You Want for Dinner, Trip To The Mall or GameStop ! Day by the River Fishing! Get out of Doing your Chores for the Day!. You get the idea, little fun things that you think your children will enjoy.

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3. Money $$$ - As my kids get older they each get 1 Golden Egg - it always has a bigger bill in it, and they know it’s one golden egg per child. We still put loose change in some eggs, because it’s an easy way to use up all the loose change rolling around in my Jeeps cupholder and at the bottom of my purse!

The Golden Egg $Photo byCanva/ R.Gerner

4. Small Toys - Such as... Water Balloons, Marbles, Army men, Hot Wheels, Legos, Chalk, Checker or Chess pieces (hold back the board until all the eggs are found) - All good activities of things to do, that are fun and utilize your brain. Well maybe not the water balloons their just plain fun - Who doesn’t love a good water balloon fight on a hot day!?!?

5. Essentials/ Useful items - Such as ... Hair ties, lip balm, fun erasers, bracelets, earrings, rings, stickers, mini flashlight, nail polish or nail art/stickers, keychains etc.

You get the point - there are so many different things that you can stuff in your Easter eggs this year for the big Easter Egg hunt, that doesn’t include candy! I hope this list offered some different ideas that you didn’t think of. Feel free to share this with the Easter Bunny, so he too can think outside the box!!

Happy Hunting!

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