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Looking for a super fun Easter craft to do either with the kids or by yourself? These decoupaged Easter eggs are the perfect project. They are absolutely gorgeous, look like you’ve spent days working on them, don’t require a lot of supplies and can last for years to come. Even if you‘re not the “Queen of Crafts” you can do this one.
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Supplies Needed:

  • Paper Napkins - Your choice on color and pattern. I like to use spring time, watercolored flowers or cute baby animals.
  • Fake or Faux Eggs – I found mine at Walmart but you can also get them at any craft store or on amazon. Another option is you could use real blown out eggs. The only downfall is that they are not as durable and probably wouldn’t make it past their first year (at least not in my house!) and more time consuming to blow out all those eggs.
  • Mod Podge - any craft store or Walmart will have this.
  • Scissors
  • Paint Brushes
  • Craft Paint (optional) - This is if you want a few solid colored eggs mixed in with your decoupaged eggs. I think they look gorgeous but completely optional!
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Let’s Get Hoppin!

First grab your napkins and pull off the patterned layer - you don’t want or need the unpatterened layers for this.
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With your scissors cut out the designs you want decoupaged on your eggs. Keep in mind you want to cut as close as you can to the design (meaning you don’t want a lot of “dead” space).
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The eggs I bought had a weird powdery coating to them, so I used a damp cloth to wipe it off and then dried the eggs, that way removing any of the powdery debris. Take your cut out napkin designs and “dry fit” the onto your egg, so you have an idea of where it looks best.
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Now’s the fun part! Grab yourself a paint brush and apply your Mod Podge directly to where you want your design to be placed on your egg.
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Once you have you design on the egg, gently smooth over napkin with your fingers or a dry paint brush. Don’t fret over any creases or lines that may develop. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, especially if you are using a larger piece of napkin (the bigger the piece/design the more likely you will get some creases). Do your best to smooth over the creases with your finger, but don’t stress too much about it - at the end they will be barely noticeable. And if you do notice them - who cares !?! It’s texture !
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If you have any edges that are sticking up just apply a dab of Mod Podge to the underside of the napkin. Next using your paint brush apply your Mod Podge on top of the entire design, making sure to get the edges. When first applying the Mod Podge it will be cloudy, but no have no fear it’ll dry clear!
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Now repeat the process with as many designs you want on your egg. What I have found is that I like to work on one design with my egg, then while it’s drying I work on the next and so on. That way when I get back to my first egg it’s dry and my hands aren’t covered in Mod Podge.

You can get as creative as you want. Feel free to paint your eggs different colors prior to decoupaging, you can add some glitter on top of your Modge Podge before it dries for some sparkle. Anything goes! Most importantly .... Have Fun!

Happy Crafting!
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