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Toddler left alone in South Carolina, while parents on trip to New York.

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Donald Gekonge and Darline Aldrich, the parents of a two-year-old child are currently in police custody. They left their toddler alone with no supervision at their apartment in Charleston, South Carolina while on a “business trip” to New York, Charleston police confirmed.
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The parents, both 24 years old, were booked for unlawful conduct toward a minor.

Police received a tip on November 17, 2022 that a child was left unattended and alone in the South Carolina Charleston apartment complex. A witness informed authorities that the child’s father, Gekonge, had sent a text saying he was in New York City for business.

The apartment manager at the Charleston complex could not reach either parent in the apartment, so they conducted “an emergency walk-through.” When the apartment manager and authorities entered the apartment, they found the two-year-old child sleeping on the living room bed. “When we got into the house, the child woke up and reached out for his empty water bottle,” police said. The child was in a soiled diaper but otherwise seemed unharmed. A foster care service transferred the boy to the Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital for further care and a complete medical exam.

Law enforcement's initial attempts to reach out to the child’s parents were unsuccessful. The child's father, Gekonge, called the complex later that day and told the cops that he left the house early in the morning and was “a few states away.” He then later stated that he was in New York “on business,” assuming the mother was taking care of their child. That statement was later revised stating the child's mother was also in New York “for an emergency.”

As of Wednesday, the two were still in custody. Gekonge’s bond was set at $50,000 bond and Aldrich’s at $75,000.

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